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The Right Age To Become An Entrepreneur – Is 40 The New 20?

Do you feel uneasy in the office cubicle? Do you think you are wasting your potential? Maybe you are! There is nothing life self-assessment and self-realisation. If you mull over these thoughts, then you may have the skills to shine in the business world. I admire the work of industrialists and corporate companies, which had humble beginnings. The owners put in blood and sweat to ensure the growth of their ventures. The grey-haired corporate CEOs highlight the importance of experience and calculate risks. I detected a paradigm shift in the entrepreneurial sector. Digital marketing plays a crucial role in this….

10 Benefits of Getting to Work Early

What is the first thing that comes to your mind after you complete your academic programs? A good job! But do you have the traits to cement your place in the organisation? Are you aware of the professional codes? If not, then you need to read this post. Business owners, SEO and top-level executives, highlight the importance of corporate code and ethics. Acceptable behaviours assist youngsters to pave the path for success in personal and professional sectors. The appointment letter, issued in your name is a sign that you impressed the interviewers. You need to put your best foot forward…

How to Balance Parenting with Being an Entrepreneur

Being a parent and an entrepreneur is quite a complicated job in itself. Only the working parents know how hard it is to maintain the right balance between family life and the business. Since it is your business, you need to be available for your work almost all the time to set it up. However, that cannot stop you from being a parent or striking a balance between family and personal life. But on many occasions, it becomes quite a difficult task for the parent entrepreneurs to manage their time well. Often, they stress about striking the appropriate balance between…

Benefits of Starting Your Own Business

Trade and commerce have a positive impact on the economic prosperity of the nation. It increases GDP and creates job opportunities. Many individuals realise from a young age that they cannot cope with the 9 to 5 job sector. These people come up with bankable ideas, which assist to establish a profitable business. You, too, can become a part of this lucrative sector if you possess the necessary skills. A business start-up needs sound planning, execution and capital. Most youngsters can make fatal mistakes if they do lack correct guidance. Atul Garg is a prominent figure in the business world. He has…

15 Reasons that makes Entrepreneurship Is Amazing

An Entrepreneur is a person who can visualize their idea and work on it. In simple words an Entrepreneur is someone who starts a company from Scratch. Such a person is the compilation of different persons, who if not an expert knows the art of managing business and all the activities, tasks related to it. What is entrepreneurship? It is the willingness, knowledge and will to develop, organize and run a business enterprise along with any of its uncertainties too. Entrepreneurship is a challenging journey as it requires you to innovate by identifying a need in the market and filling…

10 Habits You Should Develop For a Successful Life

We all grow up listening to one single fact that hard work is the key to success. However, emotional support and constant motivation are also significant for achieving the desired results in one’s life. These are important as people continuously face failures during their struggle period. Failures are the pillars that build successful careers. Without failures, one can never get the true essence of success. Many tend to lose hope and leave their journey in the middle as a result of such failures. Even the most successful entrepreneurs around us were also victims of such shortcomings. But these failures ultimately…

10 tips to learn from failure in business

A business idea is a tangible plan, which might result in the business prospering or sometimes business failure. When the later happens the entrepreneur asks himself why my business failed? And at the same time starts looking for solution behind business failure. Hence, the entrepreneur begins his research on how to overcome the business failure or vise-versa. The process of finding/searching solutions to his/her questions, which involves different solutions which is an intricate process as it is directly related to business growth. This part of the business is called making up for the losses. This ideology is highly appreciated because…

7 Tips for small business owners

Business is not just an activity, but a platform from which other activities surface which are results of innovative marketing ideas. Business requires high accountability and intellect, an idea for business beginners in India. A business is the source of many interests in life, helping us follow them and process them without interruption. Therefore, a business requires sincerity, acknowledgement with answerability because the one who cannot answer usually fails, as we all have seen since childhood. A business is not just answer to one question but combination of many answers to various questions creating hurdle in smooth transition. A smooth transition…

Tips for Successful Business by Atul Garg

To make a business successful one needs to trust the developer, have faith in the team’s ability for its error free execution, and successful implementation. The CEO of Oddy uniwraps, Mr. Atul Garg after  explaining the idea to the sale management and HR team must be able to, honestly, rely on their effort for the idea’s fruitful achievement. The idea further travels to the business experts to ensure marketing which earns profits to the company. The business expert elaborates the ideas, and tips for the growth of the business. They begin with setting the base for small or near-term business goals, which sets…

How a Businessman Balances his Professional, Personal and Social Life-by Atul Garg

Balancing life and work is not an easy task. Being a businessman, you are living two lives, one is your professional life and other is your personal life. The social life then that you have is the direct reflection of the balancing between personal and professional life. There is a very fine line between being a businessman and being a good businessman, and trust me, a good businessman is the one who knows how to balance his professional, personal and social life. 7 Ways to Balance your Business life by Atul Garg : 1. Mindset The very first thing that makes…

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