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10 tips to learn from failure in business

A business idea is a tangible plan, which might result in the business prospering or sometimes business failure. When the later happens the entrepreneur asks himself why my business failed? And at the same time starts looking for solution behind business failure. Hence, the entrepreneur begins his research on how to overcome the business failure or vise-versa. The process of finding/searching solutions to his/her questions, which involves different solutions which is an intricate process as it is directly related to business growth. This part of the business is called making up for the losses. This ideology is highly appreciated because…

7 Tips for small business owners

Business is not just an activity, but a platform from which other activities surface which are results of innovative marketing ideas. Business requires high accountability and intellect, an idea for business beginners in India. A business is the source of many interests in life, helping us follow them and process them without interruption. Therefore, a business requires sincerity, acknowledgement with answerability because the one who cannot answer usually fails, as we all have seen since childhood. A business is not just answer to one question but combination of many answers to various questions creating hurdle in smooth transition. A smooth transition…

Tips for Successful Business by Atul Garg

To make a business successful one needs to trust the developer, have faith in the team’s ability for its error free execution, and successful implementation. The CEO of Oddy uniwraps, Mr. Atul Garg after  explaining the idea to the sale management and HR team must be able to, honestly, rely on their effort for the idea’s fruitful achievement. The idea further travels to the business experts to ensure marketing which earns profits to the company. The business expert elaborates the ideas, and tips for the growth of the business. They begin with setting the base for small or near-term business goals, which sets…

How a Businessman Balances his Professional, Personal and Social Life-by Atul Garg

Balancing life and work is not an easy task. Being a businessman, you are living two lives, one is your professional life and other is your personal life. The social life then that you have is the direct reflection of the balancing between personal and professional life. There is a very fine line between being a businessman and being a good businessman, and trust me, a good businessman is the one who knows how to balance his professional, personal and social life. 7 Ways to Balance your Business life by Atul Garg : 1. Mindset The very first thing that makes…

How much time should a businessman spend with his family

We are living in a fast-paced world where everyone is struggling with one’s own problems. In the middle of all the chaos of our own lives and the dreams that we have, most of us forget to enjoy the present. The situation is worse in case of a businessman. He leaves when the children are still in bed and arrives at home when they have fallen asleep. Though this might look normal if we say that a businessman has responsibilities at work, but another truth which gets neglected is that he too has a family. I asked some of my friends…

Marketing Strategy for a Successful Business

Turning a start-up into a successful business is a challenging task. Along with a feasible product idea and a target location, you need the right marketing strategy to reach your customers. I, Atul Garg as the CEO of Oddy Uniwraps has understood this fact over time that making people aware of the products and services you offer plays an essential role in growing a business. An efficient marketing strategy for success in business can give a boost to its growth and lead to huge profits. After figuring out how to start a business, it becomes essential to identify the strategies that can help in…

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