Oddy uniwraps is a step forward to keep your food as healthy as you cooked it. The food grade material used in making Oddy Uniwraps keeps the food free of toxins unlike the aluminum foils because we believe that food is not only the source of energy, it is that one thing that adds a little extra love and happiness to our lives.  


Every other invention that has been invented to make our lives easier has become the reason for increased pollution and has put our existence on the stake, simultaneously. Oddy Uniwraps is Eco-friendly and safe for use as it is not harmful to the environment and protects your food without damaging the source; Nature


No matter how tasty your food is, it loses all its quality when it becomes greasy. Oddy Uniwraps is totally grease proof and keeps your food crispy for hours because nothing is comparable to the pleasure of finding your food fresh and crispy even after hours.


Our lives are incomplete without microwaves & ovens. In a busy schedule that not even lets you eat your food on time, microwaves and ovens are like a boon. Oddy Uniwraps are microwave and oven safe and are made to make your food as fresh as when it was just after cooking.


Roti garam

Roti dip

Puree Wrap

Roti Roll

Durable Enough 

Wrap Apple

Wrap Vegetable


Kid’s Health

Baking & Cooking Paper

Dhokla is fun to make now

Chef Ajay Chopra Says

Apple Eating

Wrapped Food


At the heart of life lie the relationships we have with other people. You can always depend on the Oddy Uniwrap as we cling to your needs.

Most businesses and restaurants use aluminium foil, tissue paper or other films to wrap their food products. Such wrapping materials may fulfill your wrapping needs, but they definitely do not add any value to your product but here we provide the best and natural product. They instead increase the risk of inevitable diseases.


Don’t worry if your food stains

It limits the relation of your greasy foods with your finger tips.

If heating is safe?

It need not be removed like aluminium foil before reheating in a micro wave or removed like a cling when reheating in a regular oven.

Keeps your vegetables as garden fresh

The best way to keep your vegetables green as garden fresh is to cover them in the Uniwraps and the next time you open it, you find it as you have preserved it.

Those who are always in the run

In the pacing life the packing of food needs to be done at a fast speed, for this Oddy uniwrap is the wrapping paper that serves the best.