Most small food businesses like local fast-food joints, take-away joints, QSRs, restaurants & even some large restaurants with multiple outlets use aluminium foil tissue paper or cling film to wrap their food products, just like everyone else. Such wrapping materials may fulfill your wrapping needs, but they definitely do not add any value to your product & more importantly, to your “Brand”.

But if you wish that your product & your Brand stands-out from the majority of other competitor’s products, i.e. to create your own “Big Brand Value”, worry not anymore! Because Uniwraps Boost-your-BrandTM gives you the “Power of Branding”.

Every possible contact with a customer or potential customer needs to reinforce the “Brand”. Packaging like Uniwraps is effective to promote your business by carrying the name, logo, slogan or contact details. Even a simple one colour repeat design can make the packaging stand out from plain un-branded packaging. Moreover, get 30 % discount for bulk order of just 100 packets only! Checkout further sections for Benefits & Applications, or click on the Enquire now button to place an enquiry.

So, go ahead and Enhance your business with Uniwraps Boost-your-Brand Food Wrapping Paper which provides you Customized Food Wrapping solutions, because your business is worth it!


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