Oddy offers the right quality customized grease proof papers products. A wide variety of grease proof papers options are available for you, such as waterproof, grease proof, and anti-curl. Our grease proof paper is custom printed on a biodegradable paper.

Our customized greaseproof papers are versatile and allow the opportunity to increase the brand exposure. These papers add value to the products by presenting them in a presentable produced packaging.

Why Choose Oddy?

  • A trusted supplier
  • We can print 1, 2, or full color registered print
  • You can get fast on demand
  • On time
  • Right Quality paper products
  • Comes with the full money back guarantee on Quality & Performance


Grease proof paper used for wrapping foods for storage, especially greasy foods such as bacon, doughnuts, and butter. You can use these papers from freezer to microwave with no problems.

Get the high grease proof paper on demand, on time, with the right quality.  Also, we offer a full money back guarantee on quality and performance.


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