“Whether you are baking cookies or cakes, or anything else, use of parchment paper is a must”. This is the line which is repeatedly told by almost all of the greatest baking professionals of the world!

Oddy Uniwraps provides the best quality of imported Baking Parchment Paper at a really affordable price, which is ideal for use upto 230 deg C and can even be re-used multiple times! Although it is common for the paper to turn brown after baking.

It eliminates the need for greasing the baking tray and there is no need for cleanup of the tray after baking! Also, the shape of the product is perfect as the baked item doesn’t stick to the pan.

Thats not all, with Uniwraps Parchment Paper you can also cook or fry your favourite food directly on the pan, while keeping the pan absolutely clean! Now make delicious recipes of veggies, fish, chicken etc in really less oil or no oil at all. Just put a sheet of our product on the pan (not necessarily a non-stick pan), put the ingredients on it & cook! No cleaning afterwards! Check out our blog for more information.
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