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3 Qualities of good packaging material for good branding

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When we talk about food serving industry, just preparing and serving the food is not enough. They have to meet numerous standards set in place by the government to ensure good health of the people. The standards are to be followed while preparing, serving at the joint and even when the food is delivered. The food thus presented or packed must meet the packing standards and possibly in an eco-friendly option. In this post let us see the parameters that needs to be considered for food packaging.

Packaging material:


The food wrapping or packaging material is usually disposed of after use. The disposed off material occupies the space on the ground or landfills and takes some time to decompose. In case they are treated with all facilities suitable for self-disposing then they may take the following time:

  • Food Scraps: roughly 1-6 months
  • Food Wrapping Paper: nearly 2-5 months
  • Aluminium foil: nearly 80-100 years
  • Plastic Wraps: more than 1,000 years
  • Foam: more than 1,000 years

The time duration may increase if the available facilities are not provided. The Aluminium foil, plastic wraps, and foam are the new introduction to the market and has been an integral part since nearly 50 or so years. To check the decomposing time of each of these materials, the scientists have taken laboratory tests to figure out the decomposing time. This means other than food scrap (which we do not use for wrapping food obviously) the paper is the only eco-friendly option available for us to keep our environment safe.

Paper quality:

The quality of the paper has to be considered while packaging the food. Not any paper is suitable for the purpose. For the packing purpose, while the government has set the standards in IS 6615:1972, the responsible food joint owners has to ensure that the paper they are using for the purpose is meeting the set parameters. The standards talk about all factors including the size of the sheet, size of the roll, paper width, grammage, fineness and so on.

Food grade ink:


The printed paper consists of the ink that comes in contact with the food and the ink with poor quality can spoil the food and the impression of the outlet. The joints who are looking for custom printed paper or are opting for pre-printed papers for wrapping food has to ensure that the ink used on the paper must follow the guidelines set by the law. As a general fact, no ink is chemical proof; however, there are parameters that allow the level of the chemical in the food grade ink.

In order to deliver the best quality food to the consumers, the food delivering eateries has to ensure the quality of the paper they are using. This not only ensures the good health of the buyers but also helps in branding of the business and gaining the trust of the customers. While the printed material performs its task of branding and promotion, the quality of the material also supports the purpose.

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