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Healthy Snacks at Workplace

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We normally eat healthy food at home but become careless when we are at work. While at office we are so much engrossed in our work that fast food and take out items seem more tempting. But there are certain foods or snacks which can be easily eaten even you are extremely busy. These are:-

  1. Vegetables-  Slices of carrots, cucumber, pepper and celery are wonderful office snacks. You can eat these veggies as it is or pair them up with yogurt. But one thing to consider here is to keep the veggies in air tight containers so that these do no turn brown before you eat them. Also make sure to keep them in refrigerators if it is hot.
  2. Apples- These are a rich source of vitamin c which is greatly needed to have a good immune system. It is one of the best grab-and-go snack and perfect for office-goers. Apples are packed with nutrition and fiber in them is wonderful for digestion.
  3. Bananas- These are inexpensive as well as easy to eat. They give a healthy burst of energy because sugar in them is released slowly. These are very easy to carry even while travelling. These have wonderful health benefits and you can just grab them and eat them even when you are busy in office.
  4. Roasted chick peas (white Chana) –It is a very healthy substitute of salty chips. This savoury snack can be eaten in various forms like – by adding herbs, spices, garlic salt, olive oil, black pepper etc. It can also be baked in oven at 450 degrees for around 30 minutes or so to make it more relishing. It is better to make this snack at the weekend so that you can easily carry it to your office on weekday without much effort.
  5. Granola Bars – These are available in many flavors and great option for busy bees. These are non-perishable and easy to pack and carry. These are packed with fiber and protein. Make sure to avoid sugary options to get the greatest health benefits.
  6. Yogurt –It is a good source of proteins, probiotics and calcium but stay away from flavored variants as these are just sugars and preservatives. Instead of going for artificially sweetened flavours opt for plain yogurt and add fresh fruits or cereals to it.
  7. Sandwich– Sandwich made from whole wheat multi grain bread and smeared with peanut butter is again a very healthy option. Besides being healthy it is filling too. A sandwich packed in wrapping paper will remain fresh for a long time and is a great choice for office goers who skip lunch due to lack of time.
  8. Nuts– Dried nuts are enriched with nutrients like proteins and fibers especially almonds and pistachios. They are tasty and provide energy. Even carrying them does not require any effort.

Thus, besides eating these snacks do not cut back on your water intake as it is very important to keep yourself hydrated. All these snacks are healthy, easy to grab and packed with nutrition. So, you don’t need to compromise on your health even at workplace.  Moreover Uniwraps will make these snacks idle for you to eat even later during the day.

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