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Instant Kulfi Premix- 4 Flavours

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Let’s make kulfi premix using bread. It is easy to make and requires very few ingredients and the best part is that you can make 4 flavours from this. Store Kulfi premix using Oddy Uniwraps for longer and keep it intact.

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  • Small Breads- 3
  • Sugar- 6 tbsp
  • Milk Powder- 1 cup
  • Corn Flour- 1 tbsp
  • CMC Powder- 1/4 tsp
  • Cardamom Powder- 1/2 tsp
  • Oddy Uniwraps



  • Make fine bread crumbs using mixer grinder. Take a pan & add all the bread crumbs in it.
  • Dry roast it on low flame until becomes crunchy. Let it cool down completely.
  • Take another pan, keep it on low flame. Add sugar into the pan & cooks until becomes caramelized.
  • Again take a mixer jar. Add bread crumbs, caramelized sugar and all the remaining ingredients into it.
  • Make fine powder of it. Kulfi premix is ready.
  • Store it into an air tight container. Also put Oddy Uniwraps into the container to avoid moisture.

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Vanjari Sisters&Family

Vanjari Sisters&Family is a channel run by two sisters. Through this channel, they bring us their mother’s recipes. What is special is that all these recipes are made in a very simple way along with important tips and tricks for baking.

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