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Packing Health and Safety in Lunchboxes of your Loved Ones

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Looking at the present scenario, time has come to bid adieu to the plastic and disposable packages and
opt for eco-friendly ways of wrapping and packing food. There are many factors which determine the
healthy and safety packing in the lunchbox like the quality of food, type of the container and of course
the wrapping material. Let us discuss these concerns in detail. The first thing that comes to mind while packing
food is the type of lunchbox to be used. Many people choose plastic lunchboxes because these are light-
weight and easy to carry. But plastic lunchboxes are really unsafe as these are made from harmful
chemicals like BPA or phthalates. Therefore, the best alternatives to plastic lunchbox are stainless steel
containers, shatter proof glass containers or cotton or hemp sandwich bag. These are ideal for maintaining
health and safety of food packed in them. If you really insist on using plastic lunchbox then there are
two safest options – High Density Polyethylene (HDPE) marked with recycling code No. 2 and
Polypropylene (PP) with recycling code No.5. Both these types do not leach any chemical components
into the food. Since, plastic can have some serious repercussions on health it is very important to either
substitute it with other safe materials or use right kind of plastic. Avoid using containers made with PVC
as it contains high level of lead and can easily leach into food thereby leading to various birth defects
and other health related issues. Plastic containers are not at all environment friendly as these are non-
biodegradable. Glass and ceramic lunchboxes are very safe and convenient. These even have leak-proof
lid which does not lead to any mess.
Packing Health and Safety in Lunchboxes of your Loved Ones
Ensuring yourself about the use of safe lunchboxes will help to prevent heavy metal and chemical
contamination in food. Hence, food safety should include lunch box safety so that dangers like toxicity
can be avoided. Another major factor to be considered while packing the lunchbox is the nutritional
content of food. Healthy food plays a very important role in ensuring health and safety of your loved ones.
A healthy lunchbox should not include monotonous or boring meals rather it should be an interesting treat.
For instance –Make a normal vegetable sandwich and cut it into different shapes to make the eater take
interest in it or pack a rainbow fruit salad. Experiment with the food items to make some exciting and
amazing recipes. It is very important to pack the lunchbox with a balanced meal which is filling as well as
nourishing. Not only should the meal be nutritious but at the same time appealing to eyes too. A good
presentation is equally important. When we are at home food we can think of many ideas to cook healthy food
but when it comes to packing a lunchbox, we hardly get an idea to pack something tempting. In that
case the easy and healthy option is a vegetable or fruit salad which is not only enriched with nutrients
but also relishing. While packing an ideal lunchbox, keep the following points in mind like it should be full
of nutrients, filling, delicious and tempting, able to withstand without refrigeration for few hours and
not too voluminous. If you are really short of time then go for raw food items like fruits, ready to eat
organic snacks and so on. But if you have even little time then cook meals which are a combination of fats
proteins and carbohydrates. In addition to food quality, the quantity of food also matters. Make sure to
pack adequate portions of meal so that you do not have to fight hunger blues. Don’t hesitate to pack
meal keeping in mind your requirement for the day till the time you are out from home.
Packing Health and Safety in Lunchboxes of your Loved Ones
Therefore, packing healthy lunch in a safe lunchbox solves half of your problems. The icing on the cake
would be having a blend of nutrition and good presentation in the lunchbox.
Apart from food and container, the other factor that contributes in the packing of healthy meal is the
wrapping of food. Nobody enjoys the meal which is soggy or tastes stale. So, packing the food in
wrapping sheet like Oddy Uniwrap is far better than packing it in aluminium foil or plastic bag.
Packing hot and acidic food in aluminium foil will actually make the food contaminated. Even packing
nutritious food in aluminium will not do any good to you. Packing food in an unhealthy way can make you
sick or even play havoc in your life. So pack your food in Oddy Uniwrap wrapping sheet which is safe,
organic and retains the quality of your food. With this wrapping sheet you don’t need to compromise on
the taste and freshness of your meal. You can be assured of getting hygienic food even for consumption
later. It is also grease-proof and eco- friendly which will not make any mess in your lunchbox. You can
gift healthy and safe food to your loved ones in the lunchbox. Gone are the days of using aluminium or
plastic sheet, now switch on to the wrapping paper.
Being a woman, your main concern is the health and safety of your loved ones so pack an ideal lunchbox
for them in a perfect way including good food, eco-friendly container and hygienic wrapping sheet.
Make the lunchbox a healthy and the most important meal for your family. Show them your care and
love for them by packing health for them in their lunchbox.
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