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When it comes to food, your mouth always waters. But what if when your lunch is packed in a DELHI TIMES news paper and the title of the newspaper is printed on your roti?It is straight upembarrassing and dangerous for health.

“Lunchtimes were very tempting and anticipating, but my face was red from embarrassment when I saw that my roti was packed in a newspaper and the news had been transferred to half of my roti.”

Yes. This actually happened. We, Indians come up with a diversity of ideas that no one can beat us in some situation. Take food wrapping, for example, we grab anything which is near to reach and wrap the food in that.

Have you ever wondered why?

Tradition, Prestige, Discipline

No, I am not bringingMohabbateinin this but this is the truth, we Indians tend to follow the tradition no matter if there are drawbacks. Let me explain you through some of the information.


It should be declared as a violation when someone packs the food or rolls up your food in newspaper. It is meant to read NOT TO WRAP FOOD. In 2016 FSSAI had decided to ban all the vendors from wrapping food in newspapers.


Why? Because the ink which is used to wrap the food contains ink which is not good for health and CAN cause CANCER. It should not be used even to soak oil. The ink which is used for printing contains bioactive materials, pigments, harmful chemical contaminants, and pathogenic microorganisms. These things are harmful to an adult body so just imagine what it can do to a kid’s health. Wrapping food items in a newspaperis like slowly poisoning yourself.


Most of the Indian gentry use Aluminum Foils to wrap food, but have you ever wondered that what are the consequences of using this foil? Is it even safe for the health?

parchment paper

No. it is not safe. Although aluminum foils lock the moisture and warmth of the food but wrapping up sometimes the foil reacts with the food which can contaminate it and your health might be at stake. There are many diseases that can be caused by aluminum leaching like Alzheimer’s disease, memory loss, anxiety, kidney failure, asthma, abdominal pain. Keep one thing in mind that if you are healthy then your mind is sound too.


The worst ways to wrap your food is using either plastic wraps or muslin cloth. Let me tell you why because plastic wraps locks the odor and can create an irreversible reaction which can mold to appear on the food in a matter of minutes.


Muslin cloth, on the other hand, absorbs the moisture and makes the food dry. Sometimesthe mold can also be formed because of the reaction with the cloth moisture and food.

The point is why to use these things to wrap your food when you have better options to conceal your food.

Oddy Uniwraps is a company which manufactures biodegradable and organic food wraps. These are safe enough to wrap the food so that you don’t have to worry about the health of your loved ones. Not just the wrapping paper but they also manufacture parchment paper.

food packaging

This wrapping paper is one of a kind and it is neither consist plastic or aluminum. As we can see the drawbacks of using aluminum foil, plastic wraps, newspapers, and muslin cloth so this is a healthy alternative to use if you really care about your loved ones.

Oddy Uniwraps are non-stick, microwave safe, organic and ecofriendly. But apart from these, Uniwraps are made in such a way that that it is does not stick to food and wrapping food with these will ensure no oil-leaks. It is made up of 100% cellulose and is ISO 22000:2005 & IS 6615:1972 certified which means it is safe to come in contact with food items.

So, take your health seriously and don’t compromise with it.

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