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5 Best Indian Winter Recipe

Best Indian winter recipe

Do you love to try new food items? Who does not? Every Indian ceremony revolves around delicious cuisines. Cultural diversity offers food enthusiasts the opportunity to try different delicacies. If you want to wow your guests, serve them the best Indian winter recipe during meal times.

Food is an integral part of Indian culture. Each community has its signature dishes. Good food can impress your family members and friends. If you have the skills, then you need not go to expensive restaurants. You can purchase the ingredients and prepare the Indian recipes at home. In case you desire to hone your cooking skills, sign up for the cookery classes near you.

Apart from cooking, you need to pay attention to food preservation. You need to store the food in air-tight containers. These boxes keep the dishes fresh and restore the taste. These containers are ideal for gravy items. You can use butter paper wraps to lock in the freshness of dry items. You can cook any popular Indian winter recipe to enhance the happiness of the guests.

Numerous Veg and Non-Veg Options

Some individuals are pure vegetarians, while others like non-veg food items. A quick search on the virtual platform can provide detailed information about veg and non-veg cuisines. You can win the hearts of your loved ones with the tasty winter food recipes.

Noodles with Schezwan Sauce

It is rather challenging to find a person that does not like Chinese food. Stir-fried noodles is one such recipe. If you are a vegetarian, it is a perfect dish for you. You can add the vegetables that you prefer. You need to stir fry the veggies with some seasonings. Capsicum, onions, cauliflower, and baby corn are popular choices.

Winter Recipe

Then you need to boil the noodles. Once it is ready, you need to keep it aside. Put in a few drops of oil in the noodles. It eliminates the chances of noodles sticking to one another. After this, you need to prepare the Schezwan Sauce. Make sure the sauce is thick, so it coats the noodles and veggies.



Then put in the fried vegetables and noodles in the sauce and give it a toss. You must serve the item when it is hot for the best impact. You can serve crisp cabbage balls with this popular Indian winter recipe.

Rice Paratha with Spices

Rice is a staple dish in most Indian homes. What do you do with the leftover rice from the last meal? You can use it to prepare spicy parathas which complement morning or evening tea. You can smash the cooked rice with a spoon to make a lump-free paste. Then add salt, pepper, chilli powder, and dried herbs. You can add special spices as well.

winter foods recipes

You must mix the spices well with the rice paste. Then divide the dough into small portions. You can coat the rice balls with flour. Then use a rolling pin to make parathas. Place a frying pan on fire and put in a dollop of butter.

When the butter melts, fry the parathas till they turn golden brown. The spices infuse with the rice and enhance the taste. You can increase the richness of the parathas with more butter on top during the meal. If you are looking for fantastic winter snacks, then it can fit the bill.

Lal Chana Subzi

Indians love their lentils. You can cook these in various ways. The red chandish is ideal to gain some warmth during winter months. You need to soak the chana in lukewarm water overnight to soften it. It is best to leave the outer skin on. It adds roughage to the body. When you soak the chana, the nutrients also increase.

Indian recipes

Experts highlight that it contains high levels of protein, calcium and zinc. You need to hot some oil and put in mustard seeds, tomatoes and onions. When the veggies become tender, add the seasonings. Then add the chana, and cook on medium flame. You can add a little water to speed up the cooking process.

When the dish is ready, add a dash of lime juice to enhance the taste. It complements roti, paratha, and other flatbread. The dish ranks high in the list of healthy cold weather recipes.

Cream Tomato Soup

Fitness conscious people like soups at night. The demand for thick and rich soups increases during winter months. The soup fills your stomach and also keeps you warm. If you love soups, then you must try the creamy tomato soup. Milk and tomato are the two essential ingredients of this dish. The sweet milk can balance the piquant tomatoes.

healthy cold weather recipes

You have to cut the tomatoes in halves. Then put them in a pan with hot oil for seven minutes. When the skin on the tomatoes wrinkles up, put these in a blender. Pour in some milk. Squeeze the juice of one lime in the mixture. Turn the machine on and make a smooth paste. You have to boil it over low heat. Remove the pan after five minutes.

You must serve this soup when it is hot. You can relish this dish with croutons or flatbread. The ingredients are available in the market with ease. The preparation method is also simple. Thus, it is the best Indian winter recipe that you must try this year.

Tava Idlis

Winter evenings are ideal for family and friend get-togethers with hot tea/coffee and exciting gossips. You can spice up the ambience with hot tava idlies. It can complement the hot beverage with ease. People of all ages can prepare this dish. If you have leftover idli, then you can make such winter foods recipes within minutes.

You have to chop the idlis in bite-size pieces. Then add butter to the hot pan. Put in a spoon of garlic paste in the butter and stir it for thirty seconds. After this, add the onions, tomatoes and other spices.

Popular Indian Winter Recipe

When the spice mixture is ready, put in the idli cubes. If you want additional crunch, then fry the cubes in a separate pan in butter. Make sure that the spices coat the cubes well. It is the best food for cold weather, with hot as well as cold beverages.

Do you want to try out new dishes during the winter months? If so, then try out any of these recipes. If you worry about proper food storage, then use quality food wrapping papers from Oddy Uniwraps. These oil-resistant butter wrapping papers can keep the food fresh and warm for many hours.

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