C3 Garlic Bread

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Everyone enjoys the snack of garlic bread. This quick and easy to prepare garlic bread that tastes great can be made in an oven. In this recipe, cheese, carrot, corn, and spices are sprinkled on rolled bread dough to make garlic bread. By using the Oddy Ecobake Cooking Paper Tray, the baking procedure has been made easier, and you can prepare non-sticky garlic bread with less cooking time and cleaning.

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  • Bread Dough & Pizza sauce
  • Boiled Corn & Grated carrot
  • Cheese & Black pepper powder
  • Chilli flakes & Oregano
  • Butter & Chopped garlic
  • Oddy Ecobake Cooking Paper Tray



  • Roll the dough flat as shown, dusting with flour. Spread pizza sauce on it. Garnish with boiled corn, carrots, chilli flakes, and black pepper, and fold it in half.
  • Transfer it to Oddy Ecobake cooking paper tray and cut it into pieces.
  • Heat butter in a pan; add chopped garlic, chilli flakes, black pepper powder, and oregano; and mix well.
  • Now add this garlic butter to the prepared dough. Bake it in an oven for 15 minutes at 180 degrees Celsius. The delicious C3 garlic bread is ready.

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