Gujarati Khandvi

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In Gujarati cuisine, khandvi is a well-known savory snack made of gram flour and chaas that has been fried and firmly wrapped into bite-sized pieces with an aromatic seasoning of sesame seeds, mustard seeds, curry leaves, and green chilies. Churned from cream, chaas is a leftover liquid. This can be eaten as a snack or packed in Oddy Uniwraps for your lunchbox, which maintains the freshness and hygiene of your food for a long period. Oddy Uniwraps are non-stick, constructed of organic cellulose, and microwave safe. They also come in various patterns.

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  • Besan or gram flour-1 cup & Chaas-3 cups
  • Ginger chilli paste-1 tbsp & Salt- for taste
  • Turmeric powder- ¼ tsp & Asafoetida- ¼ tsp
  • Mustard seeds & Curry leaves
  • Slit green chilies & Oil - for tempering & Sesame or till seeds
  • Oddy Uniwraps



  • Take gram flour in a mixing bowl. Add chaas, ginger chilli paste, salt, turmeric powder, and asafoetida to it and blend well to form a smooth batter.
  • . Cover it with a lid with some weight on top, and steam it in a cooker. Cook for 7-8 whistles.
  • For tempering, heat the oil and let the mustard sputter. Switch off the flame and then add the chilies, curry leaves, asafoetida, and sesame seeds.
  • Check the batter, and stir the cooked batter well while it is hot. Spread the batter as shown, either on the clean kitchen platform or on the back of a plate.
  • Then cut into bite-size pieces and roll tightly into thin rolls. Take them to a bowl and garnish with the tempering.
  • The Gujarati special Khandvi is ready. Pack it in Oddy Uniwraps to keep it fresh and hygienic in your lunch box.

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