Cake Decoration Technique- With a Pot and Cap

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Turn a simple cake into a designer cake using just 2 things- a mud pot and the cap of a bottle. Easy method to make a bakery style designer cake at home with easily available items.

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  • Strawberry cake batter
  • Pink and green gel colour
  • Strawberry crush
  • Whipped cream
  • Golden balls



  • Line a cake tin using Oddy ecobake baking and cooking paper and pour strawberry cake batter and bake for 45-50 minutes on low flame.
  • Divide the cake into 3 horizontal parts and apply sugar syrup, pink whipped cream and strawberry crush. Repeat with rest of the cake. Crumb coat with white whipped cream.
  • In a bowl, take whipped cream and add 1 pink gel food colour. Apply on top of the cake and coat the entire cake well.
  • Take a mud pot and the cap of a ketchup bottle and make marks on the cake using them as shown in the video.
  • Take white whipped cream in piping bag and using 126 no nozzle/rose petal nozzle and outline the mud pot marks made on the cake and make the design.
  • Now take the light pink whipped cream and add 2 drops more pink color to get a dark pink whipped cream and using it, make a rose design on the marks made on the cake using the bottle cap.
  • Using closed star shape nozzle, design the top border of the cake and the bottom of the cake with white whipped cream. Take a small star shoes nozzle and pink whipped cream and make little flowers on top of the cake.
  • Design the Flowers with petals using green whipped cream and decorate using golden balls.
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An MBA Lecturer & Personality Development Trainer by profession & a full on food enthusiast. She believes that great food is foundation to genuine happiness.

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