Fish Cake without Fish mold

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Make this amazing cake decoration exactly like fish following the methods mentioned below. Make sure you stir the perfect colour textures for your cake to look awesome, but you can also change colours according to your preferences. ODDY ECOBAKE is the healthiest option when it comes to baking cakes. It’s non-greasy and eco-friendly properties, makes it even more essential to use in our baking process

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  • 6-inch tin
  • ½ kg chocolate cake batter
  • Liquid green colour
  • Liquid yellow colour
  • Noor 8 nozzle
  • Golden spray



  • Cover the bottom of 6-inch baking tin with ODDY ECOBAKE. Pour the chocolate cake batter and bake at 180 degrees for 35-40 mins. ODDY ECOBAKE is chlorine-free and grease-proof making it a perfect choice for baking foods. Demold the cake once cooled and cut it into three layers.
  • Add a layer and spray with sugar water solution, add whipping cream and level it with scrapper. Repeat the process for the next two layers as well. Add whipping cream on top and sides of the cake as well and scrape it uniformly. In a mixing bowl add green and liquid yellow colour to form a light green colour. Cover the cake with light green coloured cream.
  • Now take whipping cream in 3 different bowls. In first bowl add 3 drops each of green and yellow colour, in second 2 drops each of green and yellow colour and in 3rd one 1 drop each of green and yellow colour, Mix them well after adding liquid collars. Now we have got 3 different and light shades of green colour.
  • Now make a small arc in the side on one side. Take Noor 8 nozzle and add darker shade green whipping cream and make dots as shown in video. In a pipping bag cut 3/4th cm on top and add the cream from the first darker shade bowl. Make bigger dots and spread it with the back of the spoon as shown in video.
  • Repeat the same process but with the lighter green colour. And then the lightest green colour. Cover the whole cake this way.
  • Now take the darkest green shade and add detailing like tail and fins. For the eyes add water in white cream to form a smooth cream texture. Add it in pipping bag and make big round and flat shape for the eye. Use black gel to make the detailing of the eye.
  • Add borders and lips for the fish to finish the detailing. Add golden spray for the finishing touch. Our fish cake is ready.

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