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Food wrapping-what is better-Tissue Paper or Oddy Uniwrap

food wrapping paper

To preserve the freshness and taste of any food item, it should be packed properly. Also it ensures safe handling of food. But the main concern is the type of wrapping paper we need to use. Although there are different variants of food wrapping papers available in the market but we opt for the one which provides maximum benefits and also serves our purpose. Keeping this in mind, let us compare the two types of paper used in wrapping food-Tissue Paper or Oddy Uniwrap.

Let us first find out the features of tissue paper. It is very delicate, slightly translucent and extremely pliable paper. It has many varieties like facial tissue, paper towel, hygienic tissue paper for bathrooms and so on but coloured tissue paper is not certified for food wrapping as it might contaminate the food. If this paper gets even little wet, it will transfer the colour to the food item making it hazardous to eat. Only waxed tissue paper is fine that too as liners.

If on the other hand, we go through the features of Oddy Uniwrap, we can easily make out the better of the two. Oddy Uniwrap has brought a new revolution in food wrapping industry. It is a global way of wrapping, reheating, baking and even cooking your healthy meals. It is a multi-purpose high food grade wrapping paper which can be used for wrapping paranthas, burgers, rotis and sandwiches. It is certified as a safe and genuine food grade material, free from any type of harmful chemicals. By using Oddy Uniwrap we can be sure of the hygiene and safety of our food item. The best part about this paper is that it is made from 100 % organic cellulose. Apart from this it is microwave safe, non-stick, grease proof and has high wet strength. Moreover it is eco-friendly so its disposal is also safe and easy.

Now, when we look at so many benefits of Oddy Uniwrap, without any second thoughts, we can say that it is far better than tissue paper in every context. We can get healthy and tasty food without compromising with our health. Experience the new way of wrapping food in a hassel-free manner with no mess to clear. So, wrap your food in Oddy Uniwrap and gift-yourself  and your loved ones the benefits of healthy eating.

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