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Beans are a rich source of fiber and protein and have low glycemic index. Consumption of beans canlower total cholesterol and LDL levels and can also reduce the risk of heart disease, obesity, diabetes, metabolic syndrome, hypertension and stroke. Thus, beans are incredibly healthy and value-for-money filling meal.

Dry beans contain soluble fiber, phytosterols and saponins in them which help in lowering blood cholesterol. So regular intake of beans in diet is a good way to keep a check on heart problems as well as have better glycemic control. Due to lower glycemic index it is a great option for diabetics. Beans are a smart food choice because these contain complex carbohydrates and proteins. It protects against metabolic syndrome like disturbance in glucose metabolism, hypertension and dyslipidemia. Red beans are packed with antioxidants which have many health benefits and anti diabetic properties.


The fiber content in beans keeps you satisfied for quite a long time which helps to keep a check on your weight and you do not feel like grazing between the meals. It slows down the rate of increase of blood sugar which means the energy is released more gradually and your body is fuelled for longer. Those who consume beans have smaller waist size, lower body weight and reduced obesity. A legume rich diet (Beans) reduces circulation of hormone leptin concentration in body which means your weight and appetite are well managed.


Dry lima beans are a very good source of proteins and are a great choice because these do not have cholesterol. Half cup of this bean contains as much proteins as an ounce of chicken. Intake of beans four times a week can also reduce body fat mass in addition to waist circumference. Dry beans and legumes are affordable and lowest cost source of proteins. The high content of anti-oxidants in beans make them an idle option because this improves the overall health and can cut the risk of cancer. It is a mix of three compounds: – tannin, flavonoids and phenolic which fight free radicals that can cause cancer of breast, stomach, prostate, kidney etc. Intake of beans along with adequate amount of fluids (water) can help in regular bowel movement. This solves the problem of constipation. Pinto beans contain more fiber as compared to fresh beans. This also increases immunity as it supplies antioxidants and nutrients to the body. Beans are rich in soluble fiber which increases anti-inflammatory protein production that strengthens the immune system. Antioxidants and folate beans are building blocks of new immune cells.


Beans contain both soluble and insoluble fiber and each kind has its own set of benefits on health. You can enjoy the beans in the form of salad or with roti or parantha packed in Oddy Uniwraps to maintain its taste. Regular consumption of beans in diet will provide you with more potassium, copper, fiber, magnesium and iron. Therefore, beans make a great functional food and come in different varieties so that you can pick your favorite one.


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