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Parchment paper for baking

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Oddy parchment paper is grease proof and moisture-resistant paper which can be used in oven for baking food items. It is very flexible to use in molds to wrap dishes and to clean up messy task easily. It is non-tick and heat-proof too. It protects pans and prevents food from sticking. There are various uses of parchment paper when baking:-

  1. Lining cake molds:By placing parchment paper in baking dish, the cake can be taken out smoothly without it being sticking.
  2. Lining cookie sheet:On parchment paper, cookies can be baked more evenly and can easily slide off.
  3. Lining cupcakes tins:This is the cutest use of parchment paper as it makes cupcakes and muffins look super fancy.
  4. Protects spilling of spices:The mess of spices can be easily cleaned by placing parchment sheet underneath the container. It can also be used as a funnel to pour back excess stuff into the bottle.
  5. Freezing dough:Pre-rolled dough can be stacked between the layers of parchment paper and can be kept in freezer safe container for later use.

There are many reasons for which parchment paper can be used in kitchen for home cooking as well as for professional baking. Some are listed below:-

  1. Easy clean-up: Since grease does not penetrate through parchment paper onto the baking dish so cleaning the utensil after baking become easy.


  1. Non-stick:Cooking with parchment paper is mess free and there is no fuss of using additional butter or oil. It being non-stick the cookies, cakes etc. can easily slide off the tray without any hassle.


  1. Baked items can be easily transferred:Parchment sheet is taut so pizzas, brownies and other baked goods can be conveniently transported to counters or platters.


Hence, parchment sheet can be used not just for baking but also for making decorative cones for cakes, as snack servers, for butter rolls etc. It is the best baking assistant and can be reused. It is an excellent and food-safe wrapping sheet for fragile baked goods. Food can be safely steamed or cooked inside the pouches made from parchment sheet. This sheet has silicone coating due to which it can tolerate heat and food does not stick. It is ideal for use up to 220 degree C or 428 degree F.

Since this parchment paper can be used again and again so it saves water, cleaning chores and cost of cleaning detergents. Therefore, it is very economical to use and is totally natural. It is made from cellulose and perfect for baking, packaging, furniture laminates, industrial processing and graphic arts etc. Oddy parchment sheet is pure, hygienic, and suitable for direct food contact. It ensures healthy and hassle-free cooking. It also enhances the appearance, taste and quality of baked food items. One of its unique features is that it is biodegradable and recyclable and used widely in food industry.


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