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Food safety – Role of packaging


Packaging plays a crucial role in overall safety of food apart from the product itself. A healthy and hygienic packaging ensures that the final product is safe for consumption. As these days people are more concerned about their health and aware of food safety so manufacturers have become more cautious. They believe that malfunctioning packaging can have negative impact on the quality and integrity of their product. A manufacturer should consider various factors to build strong defense against packaging failures like reviewing, packaging and manufacturing process, addressing human factor, analyzing supply chain and ensuring use of raw materials having international standards.

While laying emphasis on safe preparation of food we often overlook the risk of packaging material which can be contaminated. The hygienic environment in which the food packaging is manufactured can have a direct impact on the safety of food. So, Oddy Uniwraps is designed keeping all the safety standards in mind. The best part about this wrapping paper is that it is oven safe, grease resistant, eco-friendly and a perfect way to keep food fresh and healthy.

At times there can be some errors in food packaging process due to human negligence but there is always a room for improvement. We at Oddy Uniwraps make sure that the people engaged in packaging process must be well-equipped with the knowledge of personal hygiene, sanitation and washing of equipment and adhere to packaging protocol. Our staff is well-trained and aware of international food safety and quality standards so that the risk can be adverted.

We also ascertain the risk associated with a particular supply chain and packaging material by assessing the product, process and customer base. Risk assessment enables to identity the red flags in the food packaging process and allows for allocation of due diligence requirement. The appropriate and healthy packaging improves the shelf life of food. It also protects the food from any kind of contamination.

Hence food packaging also plays a pre dominant role in maintaining nutritional value of food and preserves the food from chemical, biological and physical influences. Our Oddy Uniwraps is free from all these hazards. Being chemical free, it has no exposure to environmental changes. The biological protection acts as a barrier to the growth of micro-organisms. Physical protection shields the food from mechanical damage.

It is very convenient to use a food wrapping paper which is easily viable and minimizes the effort of cooking, baking and heating food.

Thus, we at Oddy Uniwraps value our customers and their health is our top-most priority. So without compromising on the quality of packaging material we provide you the best affordable way to maintain the health of the food that you eat. We understand every aspect of handling and preparing of food so we have introduced a healthy range of Oddy food wrapping paper, cooking and baking paper and parchment paper. This kind of food wrapping will ensure the good health of yours as well as your loved ones.

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