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Food Hygiene in Indian Kitchens

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Staying healthy can only be ensured if you are consuming clean and hygienic food. Clean food doesn’t always indicate veggies free of harmful pesticides or fertilizers, but it also includes the way it is cooked in the kitchen. While eating food in our house, we don’t necessarily worry about how it is prepared and whether it has been cooked by keeping the hygiene in mind. Whoever cooks in the kitchen ensures proper hygiene, but there are some places where the hygiene is lacked, and the quality is compromised. There are several laws and regulations which needs to be maintained for having quality foods.

The entire system of dealing-producing- distribution- sales, determine whether the product is safe for consumption or not. Keeping several factors in mind is mandatory. Family’s health is above all, and that is what our mothers swear by. There is a certain way of keeping the home foods save from food poisoning. So, here in this article, we are going to reveal some ways of consuming healthy foods. Some tricks will also be revealed to keep your food safe even after you are taking it outside as a tiffin.

Clean the bacteria away from the food


Our hands are the house of millions of germs which are not seen by naked eyes. They are not only undetectable, but they can also be a part of the food if they are near to them.

Therefore, cleaning hands is the primary thing to do before you’re proceeding to clean the food. Wash and dry your hands properly with a good soap.

When and what to clean?

  • Cleaning of the raw meat requires cleaning of the hands after.
  • If you are going to the washroom, make sure to clean the hands before putting your hands in the food.
  • Thoroughly clean the utensils, chopping board and worktops. You can also buy the soaps which contain content that can clean away the bacteria from the utensils. This ensures that your cooking types of equipment are now hygienically safe.
  • Wash the eggs or poultry, raw meat properly.
  • Keep on replacing the tea towels and dishcloths. Even if it looks clean, it can have germs in it.
  • Cleaning the utensils and worktops are very important after the completion of cooking.
  • Having dishwasher can be a great way of swiping down all the dishes from the germs. The dishwasher can disinfect utensils.
  • You can purchase the disposable towels for the kitchen for drying of utensils.
  • Cleaning is essential otherwise you will be making foods filled with bacteria.

Storing of foods

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  • Storing of food is mandatory because we buy a lot and we generally don’t make or eat everything. Putting it on the refrigerator is not the ultimate thing, there are other several factors too. So, let’s see how to keep it fresh and hygienic.
  • Buy a fridge thermometer. People don’t necessarily have it. With the help of a food thermometer, you can check whether the fridge’s temperature is less than 5C. At this temperature, the bacteria won’t be able to grow or will not be able to multiply to a number that can be dangerous.
  • Never keep a lot of food stored up in the fridge. It will interrupt proper air circulation, and the refrigerator will fail to operate efficiently.
  • Keep the cooked food in the above section and the raw food in the lower part. So, there will not be any drips that can have the potential to damage your food.
  • Putting of hot food should be restricted because the fridge’s temperature will start to rise thereby increasing the overall temperature without maintaining the proper coolness.
  • Always cover the food that you are keeping in the refrigerator. It will prevent drying of food and maintain the food’s quality.
  • Every food comes with an expiration date, and you must check it.
  • Never keep food in aluminum jars for refrigerating. It can contaminate the foods.
  • Ensure that your fridge’s temperature is maintained and it has the optimum coolness to maintain the quality of the food.
  • Keeping the fridge clean is equally important because keeping the food in good quality can only be possible if the place is clean.

Wrap the foods

Aluminium Foil

Wrapping the food is quite a trend nowadays to protect it from germs, keep it intact and many other benefits. One can be highly benefited if they are wrapping their foods properly. One can wrap burgers, foods, chips and several food items. It will protect the food from pollution and germs. And many wraps can maintain the food’s temperature for a long time. Keeping these points in mind UNIWRAPS is producing food wrapping paper that can meet the need of every Indian kitchen and the consumers. Things which UNIWRAPS stresses on:


Parchment Paper

You can store and move the foods keeping it in idle hygienic conditions by wrapping it. It will not only reduce your food’s exposure and protect it from contaminating, but it also resists bacteria and air to enter the foods. The wrapper is also made in a way that it will not contain toxic elements which have the potential to mix with the food. You can also keep the food stored at home by wrapping it.

Shelf life

We all know that foods come with shelf life. If the food is kept in unfavourable condition, then it will rot quickly than it is supposed to. So, wrapping it correctly will help you to extend the life of the food. A food item loses its moisture and dries up before it expires. Wrapping ensures the hygiene of the food.

This is the reason why people opt for UNIWRAPS. It is affordable and healthy. You can buy UNIWRAPS from amazon for a decent price. UNIWRAPS are not harmful like aluminium and can also be used while preparing the foods in the kitchen to keep the utensils nice and clean.

These are the few ways which are adopted by the Indian kitchen or should be adapted to ensure good health. We all know that health is wealth.



Mr. Atul Garg 

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