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10 things found in Indian Kitchens

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Indian food is just magical. Several tourists from all over the world love the styles, cooking, clothing and the majestic monuments of India. Talking about Indian cuisine, people who usually cook Indian food regularly need the basic tools. What exactly are the tools? Undeniably, only a few basic items will get anyone through the vast Indian recipes that exist. Having shiny utensils, gleaming pots, or any other simple tools found in every kitchen will help to revive the specialty of Indian cuisines. Correspondingly, the number of appliances and tool in the Indian kitchens are staggering. The indispensable equipment in every household is quintessentially Indian. They are cooking pot, pan, grinder, spices, onions, ghee, rolling pin, Food packaging, and the famous Basmati rice.

Surprisingly, the Food packaging is something new in the Indian Kitchens. Just like developing countries are moving towards the eco-friendly kitchen. Uniwraps is the innovative practice in packing food. In fact, OddyUniwraps is a brand from the Atul Paper Pvt Limited. It is a renowned company in the field of stationary and paper products. The company existed for 20 years and are now promoting its businesses in the Food packaging sector. This Indian-based establishment knew that the Indian Kitchens did not have an appropriate way to store both cooked and uncooked food. For this reason, the company ventured itself in Food Wrapping Paper and Baking Parchment Paper. These two food-packaging concepts aim at making India healthier. The products are certified for food safety and as per the highest global standards.

Talking about incredible India’s cuisines, what comes to the mind is the things found in the Indian Kitchens. In the sense of humor, Kenny Sebastian describes the kitchens in India. History has changed the trend in what can be found in the kitchen. However, the ten things found in the Indian Kitchens in this 21st Century are amazing. Read ahead, and you will be flabbergasted.

1. Knife

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This is not a surprise. A knife is necessary with all the chopping that is needed. Indian cuisines have lots of onions and vegetables to chop. Therefore, a sharp knife is crucial. Not for cutting unwanted things but for easy chopping of vegetables like a chef.

2. Pan

An all-purpose pan will help with the cooking. Both non-stick and aluminum pan is handy in the kitchen. A non-stick pan is ideal for cooking liquid or creamy dishes. Like daal and porridge. While aluminum pan is good for food that requires brown and sticky flavor. These are used to cook anything in an easy flip and toss.

3. Grinder

The grinder is absolute must-have equipment in the Indian kitchen. When talking about Indian recipes, it is all about spices and pastes. Therefore, it is easy to grind spices to prepare dishes. In India, it is better not to buy pre-ground spices; in fact, use freshly ground spices to conserve the flavor. This is the magic of Indian cuisines.

4. Rolling board and Pin

Chappatis are similar to flatbread. This dish is cooked every day in the Indian kitchen. As a result, getting this tool will help to cook chappatis. No worry if you do not know how to use it. Just watch some dance steps and start rolling.

5. Chappati Griddle

To cook chappatis, it is always useful to have a Chappati Griddle. It is made up of iron and widely used in India. Who would have thought that iron would bring so must taste to Indian food?

6. Pressure cooker


This utensil is just amazing. Frequently used to cook rice and lentils, this wonderful gadget literally cut the cooking time in half. The pressure cooker is magical as you get to know if your food is ready only in terms of the whistles of the cooker.

7. Spices and onions

The entire universe knows the many benefits of Indian spices. To no surprise, spices and onions are indispensable in the Indian kitchens. If there is none of these, then it’s not going to happen. Indian dishes have turmeric, basils, ginger, garlic, chilies, coriander, masala and much more spices. The list will not end if I continue to tell about the spices. Who said onions give tears? Yes, they do. But, tears of joy while eating it with curd.

8. Basmati rice

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There are many rice farmers across India. For instance, the Indian Basmati rice is full of fragrance. It has an intense aroma in the lovely long grains that you will know where it is cooking by only sniffing.

9. Ghee

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Nevertheless, Indian dishes are not only full of spices but also contain ghee. This ingredient is an essential part of all Indian cuisines. Starting from main dishes to desserts, ghee is always used for cooking.

10. Food Wrapping Paper

Food Wrapping Paper

For the first time in India, food wrapping paper is introduced to make reheating and cooking easy. It is a multi-purpose food grade paper ideal for wrapping meals. Besides, from being microwave and oven safe, it is also non-sticky. Therefore, Uniwraps are suitable for baking, re-heating and keeping food fresh. The product is genuinely Food Grade and free from harmful chemicals or metals. Made up of 100% organic material is hygienic and safe. Get your OddyUniwraps Food Wrapping Paper from Amazon.

Another expertise of Uniwraps is the baking & cooking parchment paper. People who have a passion for backing, then this cooking parchment is your best friend. It is the leading high-quality butter paper. This Uniwraps paper is ideal for use in the oven, which supports 230 degrees. A greaseproof and non-stick paper makes ideal to eliminate the use of grease while baking. Consequently, it makes cooking hassle-free. Still, not impressed? Grab your Uniwraps Baking and Cooking Parchment Paper now.

In the final analysis, we can say that there are many incredible things in the Indian Kitchens. Starting from ancient methods to new ways of cooking makes it a perfect match to enjoy Indian food. Take hold of most of the things found in the Indian kitchen and summon your creativity. Uniwraps benefits are getting famous day by day. People started to care for Food safety and considerably welcoming the healthy inventions.



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