Mohan Thal

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Mohan Thal is a traditional dessert recipe famous in Braj, Gujarat and Rajasthan. Fondly known as Lord Krishna’s favourite sweet, it is made of  chana daal, ghee and sugar.

Oddy Brown Baking and Cooking Paper can be used as a liner in the baking tray so that this dish can be made easily without the batter sticking to the surface and the sides.

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  • Oddy Ecobake Brown Baking 'n' Cooking Paper
  • 500 grams Chana Dal (You can also take Coarse Chickpea Flour/Gram Flour)
  • 500 grams Ghee and 1/2 Cup Fresh Malai
  • 1/2 Cup Luke Warm Milk (For Dhaba Process) + 2 tbsp Milk
  • 500 grams Sugar and water as required
  • 1/2 tsp Cardamom Powder/Elaichi Powder
  • 1/2 tsp Saffron Diluted in water +1/4 tsp Grated Nutmeg/Jaiphal
  • Pinch of Edible Orange Food Colour
  • As required Pistachio Flakes (For Garnishing)



  • Grind Chana Daal into a fine powder using a mixer grinder. Take out in a bowl and add ghee and milk. Mix them well and press them lightly with your hands. Keep aside for 15-20 minutes.
  • Mix well again and pass this mixture through a sieve while lightly pressing with your hands. It is important that the mixture when passed through a sieve, gains a fine texture without any lumps at all.
  • In a kadhai, heat some ghee and add the mixture. Keep stirring continuously at a low flame. Do so until the mixture swells and comes up to the surface. The mixture will soon turn aromatic. Add little milk.
  • Keep cooking and add fresh malai. You can also use mawa instead of malai. Whichever is to be used, should be used at room temperature. Keep cooking till the colour also changes noticeably and mawa/ malai is completely dissolved.
  • Now in a baking tray, line with it Oddy Ecobake papers. It is easy and convenient to use for baking, cooking or steaming. Simultaneously, in a kadhai make sugar syrup by adding sugar and water. Cook them till the syrup starts to bubble.
  • While it is bubbling, add cardamom powder, few strands of saffron, grated nutmeg and edible orange food colour. Boil till you achieve the desired consistency of the syrup.
  • Now, add this sugar syrup into the ghee roasted mix prepared in steps above. Mix well. Now pour this batter in the lined tray. Garnish with grated pistachios.
  • Cut these into square pieces and serve.

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