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Pack snacks for kids in Oddy Uniwraps

You can easily pack the snacks for your kids in ODDY UNIWRAP. Food stays fresh for longer hours when packed in ODDY UNIWRAP. It is also very convenient to pack your kid’s tiffin or give them as a takeaway. When packed in ODDY UNIWRAP the food does not spill in the tiffin box and there is also no need to wash it as well. You can reuse the ODDY UNIWRAP multiple times.

It is a healthier option as compared to aluminum foil. Moreover, you can reheat food with the ODDY UNIWRAP on pan, tava and microwave as well. ODDY UNIWRAP is chlorine free and eco-friendly making it a perfect option for kids’ safety and health. Always pack your kid’s tiffin in ODDY UNIWRAP for health and safety.

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