Paneer Kurkure Fries

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On a rainy evening, use paneer to make a quick and nutritious snack. A cottage cheese created from milk is called paneer. Since paneer contains fat, carbs, and protein, it provides numerous health advantages. The ingredients for this snack are paneer strips that have been marinated in a few spice powders, battered, and then dusted with crushed cornflakes. On a platter draped with Oddy Uniwraps, which are non-sticky and hygienic and keep food fresh for longer, it is fried in hot oil and served. 

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  • Paneer (cottage cheese) strips & Red chilli powder
  • Salt & Chaat masala
  • Ginger garlic paste & Cheese strips
  • Besan & Salt
  • Red chilli powder & Water
  • Crushed cornflakes & Oil for frying
  • Oddy Uniwraps



  • Take paneer strips on a plate. Mix red chilli powder, salt, chaat masala, and ginger-garlic paste with it.
  • Place a cheese strip between two strips.
  • Make a batter out of besan, salt, red chilli powder, and water.
  • Dip the paneer slices in it. Coat it with crushed cornflakes.
  • Fry it in hot oil until it turns crisp and golden brown.
  • Serve it on a plate lined with Oddy Uniwraps. It tastes best with tomato sauce.

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