Tasty Nankhatai Biscuits

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Make these nankhatai ghee biscuits for your kids’ evening snacks and see them fall in love with them. Oddy Ecobake helps you bake the biscuits without getting them stuck to the baking tray. Hence, there is no need for additional cleanup.

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  • Ghee - 1/2 cup & Sugar - 1/2 cup
  • Maida - 1 cup & Besan - 1/2 cup
  • Cardamom essence - few drops
  • Salt - A pinch & Oddy Ecobake



  • Add ghee and sugar to a mixing bowl. Stir and whisk until a creamy texture is formed.
  • Add a few drops of cardamom essence and the dry ingredients to the same bowl and give them a good mix.
  • Once you get a crumbly texture, add salt to it and mix well to form the dough. Refrigerate the dough for 20 minutes.
  • Take the dough in small portions, make them into round balls, and flatten them at the center. Garnish the biscuits with ghee-roasted cashew nuts.
  • Bake the biscuits for 20 minutes at 150 °C. Your tasty and crunchy nankhatai biscuits are ready!

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