Vanilla Cake Decoration Using Pet Bottle

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Do not worry if you don’t have fancy tools to decorate a cake for the special occasion coming soon. Make a vanilla cake and decorate it with whipping cream using pet bottles cut and folded to make the nozzles that you need. The cake bakes perfectly and is grease-free thanks to Oddy Ecobake, which can be cut to the required shape and cuts down on cleaning time and effort after baking.

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  • Vanilla cake premix
  • Sugar syrup: sugar+ water
  • Cold whipping cream
  • Pink and yellow food colour
  • Piping bag & Pet bottles
  • Oddy Ecobake



  • Mix cake batter using vanilla cake premix. Line a baking pan or steel container with Oddy Ecobake. Bake the cake in a preheated vessel for 40–45 minutes over a low flame. Unmold it after it has completely cooled.
  • Cut the cake into three layers. Place a layer of cake on the cake board, soak with sugar syrup, and spread whipping cream and chocolate ganache. Repeat the process for other layers.
  • Frost the cake with whipping cream and smooth using a card and spatula.
  • Take a pet bottle, wash it neatly, and cut three pieces from it as shown. Fold and seal using a tape, then cut as shown to make two star nozzles. Take one more piece, fold and seal, then cut the end into a slanting "V" shape; the 126-no. nozzle is ready.
  • Take whipping cream and mix it with pink and yellow food coloring separately to make pink cream and yellow cream. Create a swirl pattern on the top of the cake using a spatula. Fill pink and yellow cream in piping bags with our star nozzle and decorate the sides as shown.
  • Make a few rose flowers on a flower nail using pink cream filled in a piping bag with a slanting "V" nozzle that we made and keep the flowers aside.
  • Place the flowers on the cake one by one, using a spatula to form a bunch of flowers. Decorate with green cream as leaves around the flowers. The yummy and attractive cake is ready.
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An MBA Lecturer & Personality Development Trainer by profession & a full-on food enthusiast. She believes that great food is the foundation of genuine happiness.

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