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Why Business Reviews Are Important For Your Startup?

Why Business Reviews Are Important For Your Startup

Hey, are you an aspiring entrepreneur? Then, you must agree with it that being an entrepreneur is not only glorious and adventurous, but also challenging, particularly in its initial stages.

An entrepreneur, just like me has to manage a lot of things altogether including the human resource department, sales, marketing, team management and what not!

Every time you have to come up with a new business strategy, which is innovative and of course creative too!

Now, why business strategies are planned? Well, not just to promote products and services, but also for building a brand, a renowned brand among its targeted audience. And, for that an online presence in this new age technology era is absolutely essential.

Even in this digital age, if you aren’t present online, then you are definitely losing some potential customers that are waiting for you on such platforms!

On the contrary, if you are present online, then your business marketing strategy should be unique and innovative in every aspect, which doesn’t bore your audience and engage them interestingly.

One such online business strategy, especially for the Startup companies is to get customer reviews on three major platforms i.e. Google Reviews, Directory Reviews and Social Media Reviews.

importance of online reviews

Do you even realize the importance of online reviews? It’s a weapon that can build your business among your audience. Marketing strategies are Okay, but when it comes to authenticity, customers do check reviews and ratings and that’s why it is more effective than your online marketing strategies!

If you are providing premium products or services to your customers, then why not to ask for a customer review? Because great customer reviews are in itself a substantial marketing approach to aware people what you are selling!

To know more about customer reviews and how they are beneficial for your business, scroll down and read the blog to pick up some appropriate and helpful points.

Let’s get ahead!


5 Reasons Why Online Reviews are Important for your Startup Business


As mentioned above, online reviews are essential for a startup business. Therefore, here I am listing, 5 major reasons how online reviews can benefit you!

  1. They Bring SALES!

Yes, online reviews for your startup business is one significant proof that clearly influence the sales! It is because of the customers reviews and their ratings, you can build authenticity and become popular among your targeted audience.

Let’s take an example of ‘Seriously Silly Socks.’ Due to their 5-star ratings on their website, the brand was able to boost their sales up to 60%. Their strategy is to encourage their customers for a review through email marketing, which also has an interesting discount coupon for them!

  1. They Bring VISIBILITY!

These days, everyone has become tech-savvy and when it comes to buying, the first step is to search it online, isn’t it? Whether it is on Google or Facebook, the majority of audience search online for the products they are willing to buy. And, if your brand doesn’t have the visibility on such platforms, then it can hamper the growth of your startup business.

Here comes the role of customer reviews to make you visible among the audience. Customer reviews are always favoured by the algorithms of Google and Facebook. your customers are reviewing about your products and services, then algorithms will choose your business as the leading one, which will ultimately make your startup business a popular one!


Have you shopped online recently? Then, did you check the reviews and ratings of the customers of the brand? Well, we all do that!

Of course, customers reviews are important in every aspect and when it comes to trustworthiness in online shopping, it can only be assessed through reviews.

For better conversion rates and increased traffic on your website, your marketing strategies must include how to encourage your customers for reviews.

  1. They Bring REACH!

Reviews spread quickly, be it good or bad. Obviously, here I am not encouraging to get bad reviews, but the very fact is that they do spread quite speedily.

To increase the brand’s reach, customer reviews are absolutely significant. Moreover, when customers have something good to say about your business, then quite possibly, they will share it on popular platforms (Google My Business (GMB), Yelp, Mouthshut, FourSquare, TripAdvisor) too!

When customers have something good thoughts to share, then they will make sure to share it on each and every platform including social media platforms. Therefore, for startup businesses, customer reviews are important to improve the reach!

  1. They Bring CONVERSATIONS!

Now, you must be thinking Conversations? Well, I meant healthy conversations with your customers! With the help of customer reviews, you can talk to or reply to them with a positive note.

Sometimes, thanking isn’t enough, right? The, why not to go for coupon or a voucher code to surprise some of your customers?

Also, if there is any negative review, then you have to deal with it patiently! Do respond to them in a nicely manner to show that you value them! For a brand reputation, responding to customer reviews is necessary, especially to the negative ones.


Besides the above mentioned 5 major reasons why customer reviews are important, you also need to know that shoppers have become smart. Usually, individuals search online before they buy any product. In case of services, they will try to collect more information about your business, especially if it’s a startup business before making any move. And, business reviews are beneficial in decision-making for those in dilemma.

Now, I expect that you must have understood the importance of online reviews.



To sum it all, these are some of the major reasons why business reviews are essential not just for the startup businesses but equally for the well-developed, renowned businesses.

My suggestion to you is that start implementing it to expand your business and reach among the audience of your brand. In my initial days too, I have handled multiple projects along with the large team members, which ultimately led my growth in the trading business so far!

So, if you are seeking out for some of the excellent trading business ideas in Delhi for your startup business, then a simple suggestion is to keep it innovative. From trading business idea to business development strategy, you have to ensure that it’s peculiar in every aspect!

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