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11 Tips to Run your Business During the Total Lockdown in the Country: COVID-19

Tips to Run your Business During the Total Lockdown in the Country COVID-19

The outbreak of coronavirus pandemic led to total lockdown in India to safeguard the lives of the individuals from this disease.

Every day the confirmed cases of Coronavirus are increasing at a pace. Currently, there are 4,067 confirmed cases in the country. And, as per the Reuters reports, the number of cases will rapidly increase up to 1.3 million confirmed cases of COVID-19 by the mid of May, if the numbers continue to increase at its present pace.


All the safety measures are being taken. From quarantine, social distancing to all sort of travelling constraints, the entire country is fighting together to get away from this pandemic outbreak!

Now, due to the lockdown and curfew, businesses are witnessing a major downfall. The business owners are still unsure about the situation. However, they are taking certain steps strictly to minimize the risk of loss in every aspect. Even the top businessman in Delhi, India is taking measures to cut down their losses, protect their customers and retain their employees.

Therefore, listed down are beneficial 20 tips to run your business during the total lockdown period in the country due to coronavirus.

Let’s have a look!

Tip 1 – Get Digitally Transformed

It is essential to become a digital pro during the Coronavirus outbreak in India. All sort of business activities can be conducted online through video conferencing or Zoom calls. From customer management to maintain a constant touch with your employees, digitalization is the best way to get yourself and your business transformed in this crippling situation.

Get Digitally Transformed

You can build a sturdy communication chain internally as well as externally to ensure that the workflow remains efficient. Not to mention it, just be certain that the systems should be protecting the data and can combat the cyber hacks.

Tip 2 – Add Flexibility to your Employees Timings


Well, due to the lockdown period, offices, schools, stores and all other businesses are closed. So, opting out work from home, if possible, is the best solution in this situation to mitigate the risk of losses in your business. Adding on to it, you can add some short breaks of 10 minutes to understand their situation while not overburdening them because it is “WORK FROM HOME.”

Tip 3 – Maintain Transparency with your Customers

Maintain Transparency with your Customers

Image of young couple talking to loan officer. Male client and financial advisor are shaking hands.

As the coronavirus outbreak is a global issue now and everyone is majorly encountering with the same crisis together. Therefore, it becomes important to communicate with your customers and build transparency with them. With this approach, you can retain your potential customers as they will understand your situation and what your business is currently going through!

Tip 4 – Spread the Safety Messages

Spread the Safety Messages

Another essential tip to run your business during this crisis is to spread the message of safety. Even if everyone is sharing such safety messages online, come up with something new for your audience. Besides sharing the safety tips, talk about the importance of hygiene and cleanliness equivalently but in an engaging manner.

Tip 5 – Shift your Business Strategy Online

Shift your Business Strategy Online

To avoid heavy losses in business, entrepreneurs and small business owners have shifted their business strategy online to engage the online audience throughout the lockdown period in India. Due to lockdown, if you are closing your store, the find different other ways to sell your products or services using social media or e-commerce platform to reach out to your targeted audience. Moreover, to reach new, potential leads, start working on email marketing too with a substantial business marketing strategy.  

Tip 6 – Business Interruption Insurance

Business Interruption Insurance

Before we begin further, what is business interruption insurance? Well, in simple terms, it is an insurance for the significant losses that you suffer from unexpected major events like Coronavirus pandemic. The complete shutdown is undeniably a major loss for the business owners, thus Business Interruption Insurance comes to rescue. Further, you have to ask your business insurance agent whether such events are covered or not. And, once you are aware of it, then from the next time you won’t let your business suffer from such big financial losses.

Tip 7 – Long term planning

Long term planning

Planning for the long term is essential for the business owners, especially when such a crippling situation throughout the world occurs. And, of course, the impact remains for a long time. It is important that you must talk about the situation with your business partners, investors, customers, suppliers and other local officials on a regular basis to mitigate the impact of the coronavirus on your business and its revenues. Once you implement this strategy, then it would be beneficial for you to stay ahead. Doubtlessly, it will take time to get your business on track as usual.

Tip 8 – Logistics and Supply Chain

Logistics and Supply Chain

Currently, the situation due to the pandemic outbreak is unstable, especially for the logistics and supply chain businesses. Logistics and supply chains are not readily available due to the lockdown. Therefore, pre-booking is what you can opt-out while carefully reviewing the obligations under the agreement passed by the government.

Tip 9 – Lucrative Offers and Incentives 

Apart from building connections with your customers during the coronavirus, what equally matters is to provide them with lucrative offers, discounts or some incentives. So, when the lockdown period is finally over, they can visit your store and grab the offers right away. Also, this is one of the beneficial engagement activities that you can conduct for the customers of your brand to keep them close and updated!

Tip 10 – Conformity to Laws and Obligations

It is advised to not to go against the laws and ethics that are made by the government strictly for the safety of the individuals of the country. Of course, it is imperative to adhere to the laws and ethics formulated by the government, which holds the key to tide over form this challenging situation.

Tip 11 – Businessman with Optimistic Attitude

The majority of businessman works with the survival mentality, which only adds to their pressure and further challenges them! Also, this attitude is completely negative and impacts the economy in certain ways.

The business owners should have an optimistic attitude towards their work and for that, there are several questions they need to ask from themselves.

Some of the fundamental questions are:

  • What factors contribute to the growth of my business?
  • What are some essential factors that can impact my business?
  • Do I have adequate resources to run my business? If not, then how to reach out to them?
  • What is the best possible way to review my business along with the performance level?
  • What is the best approach to engage my people to take responsibility and leadership on the job?

Hence, these are some of the fundamental questions that you need to ask from yourself and maintain that optimistic attitude even in this global crisis. Otherwise, you can take guidance from the top businessman in Delhi, India on how to remain positive during the emergencies like situation.



To sum it all up, the above mentioned are some of the significant tips to run your business during the period of lockdown in India due to coronavirus pandemic. In this global crisis, it is essential to implement such strategies to run your business successfully, even if the working procedure is slow. At least, maintain the continuity of work and keep in touch with your customers, employees and all the local officials to mitigate the risk of losses. In the end, don’t forget to keep yourself SAFE!

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