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Leading Businessman of Delhi – Atul Garg

Atul Garg

Do you feel that the corporate structure suffocates you? Do you think that it mars your potential? If so, you have the traits to become an entrepreneur. Most assume that it is easy to run a business. Once they step into the competitive arena, they realize the difficulties.

The list of successful business owners is incomplete without the mention of Atul Garg. An individual who follows Indian business news is aware of this genius business expert. He is in charge of the Oddy Uniwraps Innovation Pvt. Limited. His experience and insight into business management boosted the reputation of the company.

He is a leading businessman of Delhi and takes part in trade and commerce conferences. He is an excellent speaker, as well. His oratory skills can mesmerize audiences. Business management is rather challenging. But he explains these aspects in simple terms. Budding entrepreneurs can learn a lot from this seasoned business veteran.

He shares his experiences to help the owners of the emerging business in Delhi. He often highlights that proper guidance is necessary for beginners. He encourages business owners to take calculated risks. Atul Garg also opines that one can learn best from the mistakes. These not only point out the loopholes but sheds light on the corrective measures.

Apart from this, he also stresses the importance of business management policies. He suggests that one must converse with the experts to create a watertight structure. Any top businessman in Delhi India realizes the importance of strategy selection. One can acquire the necessary details from his informative blogs.

Academic Qualifications

Some individuals realize their strengths and passions early in life. Atul Garg also falls into this category. He was interested in business and related aspects. In several interviews, he said that he knew that he wanted to become an entrepreneur. He also realized that proper education is essential to operate the business.

He completed his schooling from Mahavira Senior Model School in the year 1995. He decided to pursue B.Com and joined the SGTB Khalsa College. Apart from his studies, he took an active part in extra-curricular activities. But his focus was to establish himself as a leading businessman of Delhi. He passed with high marks in 1998. After graduation, he opted for business courses at Delhi University.

Professional Life

He started his first company, Atul Paper before he joined Delhi University in 1998. It was not an easy task, as he lacked experience and business management skills. The challenges could not deter him from the path. He did not have access to the experts in those days. The life and success stories of a famous businessman in Delhi helped him.

list of businessman of Delhi

He understands the issues that young business enthusiasts face. Thus, he publishes informative blogs to assist them. One can also contact Atul Garg for assistance. It is not easy to stay relevant in the trade and commerce sector for over two decades. Atul has crossed this milestone without any hassle. But he opines that he has a lot to learn and a long way to go.

Balance Personal and Professional Life

Though Atul works hard to expand his ventures, he spends quality time with the family. He highlights that one cannot become successful without the support of family members. He is a loving husband and a proud father to two boys. Atul takes a keen interest in parenting.

Famous Businessman in Delhi


He says that each business owner must master the balancing act. One needs to balance professional and personal life. It may seem challenging in the beginning but become doable if you put your heart in it. Atul can become strict when it is necessary. He says it infuses ethical values in the children.

Work Hard…Play Harder

Atul worked hard to make it to the list of businessman of Delhi. However, he enjoys life whenever he gets the opportunity. He parties with his friends and business associates. He plans trips with his family at regular intervals. It rejuvenates his system and helps him to work better.

Leading Businessman of Delhi

He also stresses on health and fitness. He spends time on the exercise floor to keep his mind and body fit. He also took part in the Delhi Marathon in November. He encourages young business enthusiasts to pay attention to their diet and health. One must be in top shape to work hard for the development of the venture.

Young business owners can gather these important lifestyle tips from the expert. His blogs also shed light on how one can boost his/her potential and business reputation.

Business Management Skills

The growth and betterment of the venture depend on business management skills. One must work on these traits to sharpen them. Experience, access to data and its analysis can help to create sound policies. Atul keeps track of the changes in business trends. He gathers data and alters the business policies to suit the market. He revolutionized the food wrapping paper industry.

Apart from business policies, he also stresses the importance of financial management. He opines that novice entrepreneurs must consult with financial advisors. His blogs also highlight financial tips for business owners. Proper financial allocation and contingency funds can support the venture during crises.

Food wrapping paper

Advertisement is another aspect that paves the path for the development of the business. Atul is aware of the perks of offline and online promotion. He suggests that beginners must invest in digital marketing strategies. It falls within the budget and offers satisfactory exposure. Business enthusiasts can learn about promotion strategies from this expert.

Atul encourages youngsters to start their business as soon as possible. It gives better opportunities to assess the market. The business owner can make and change policies and implementation strategies as per requirement.

Do you want to establish a business? Do you require the assistance of the experts? If so, then you can acquire help from Uniwraps. The business model is ideal for the current market. You can converse with the experts to gather more strategy related insight. The SEO can also come to your rescue with his valuable tips.

Author:- Atul Garg

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