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7 Smart tips to manage a Big Team

7 Smart tips to manage a Big Team

A leader is someone who has to take care of all the pros and cons of every situation and managing a big team is not an easy task. When the people specializing in different categories come under one roof to discuss a single topic, there are a dozen opinions that don’t match even for once. Here, the role of a leader comes into play because managing all those experts is something that needs to be done to arrive at an unbeatable conclusion.


team discussion

Discussing the topic with all the team members and that too in the right way is a significant part of managing a big team. As you are working with qualified people, you need to do everything in an orderly manner. Try to provide them with written demands and goals that you want them to achieve. Show them what exactly you want and how far they will have to go to get things done in the right way.

2-Positive environment

Positive environment

A mind is a machine that gets affected by environmental factors. As a leader, don’t just go on with giving orders; instead, try engaging with them in a friendly way. Building good personal relations will help you to maintain better professional ones. Show them some care and respect, and see how things turn upside down from better to best.

3-Good feedback

Good feedback

No doubt, you have to tell them their drawbacks, but at the same time, appreciate their accomplishments. Try not to make them feel guilty at their mistakes, instead, push them to do better the next time. A little appreciation will cost you nothing but will help you get the best results from your team.

4-Distribute responsibilities in the right way

Never think that distributing a task to almost every team member will keep them busy and give you a good result. Distribute the work across the team members according to their specializations. Managing the team in the right way can do wonders for you.

5-Managing the conflicts

Managing the conflicts

A big team will have a large number of opinions which are sure to crash with one another once in a while. A team manager is then supposed to resolve all the disputes and bring those scattered pieces back to normal for yielding a good work.

6-Incentives and Rewards

Incentives and Rewards

Just like a car needs fuel to work, an employee needs rewards as an appreciation to get him going on and on and working hard for even bigger and better results. Offering small incentives can go a long way in the growth and progress of a company as a whole.

7-Regular check-ins

Apart from distributing the work, make regular check-ins to make sure the team is working well and ensure the quality of work. Analyzing the work at different steps can help in removing all the drawbacks and bringing the work to give the best possible outcome.


The best part is, you don’t have to be born again to become a good team manager or a leader. Listen to the advice given by the experts and professionals for a bright and better future of your company.


Atul Garg

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