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Amazing Hibiscus Tea

Healthy Hibiscus Tea

Did you ever know that red and sour hibiscus tea has incredible health benefits. This medicinal beverage is becoming a popular drink world over and can be relished hot or cold. This tea is made by boiling parts of hibiscus plant and is named as Zobe, Roselle or sorrel based on the name of the hibiscus flower.

This tea is packed with various antioxidants, vitamin C and minerals and helps not only in losing weight but also in controlling hypertension. Its flavor just tastes like cranberries.

The variegated benefits of drinking hibiscus tea are:-

  1. It helps in lowering blood pressure. So it is like a magic elixir for people suffering from hypertension. Drinking three cups of this red tea daily for six weeks can considerably lower systolic blood pressure.


  1. It controls bad cholesterol and manages its levels in hypersensitive and diabetic patients. Consuming two capsules of hibiscus extract (with meal) for one month zlcan lower serum cholesterol level.


  1. Since hibiscus tea contains vitamin A and C, it combats skin problems like ezema, acne, scars, sunburns and other allergies. It also has anti aging properties as the antioxidants in it fight free radicals and reverse the signs of dull ageing skin. It also evens the skin-tone.


  1. It is very good for making hair shape stronger and reduces breakage. Hibiscus flowers boiled in water act as nourishing hair tonic and rinsing hair with it soothes the dry scalp. It also colours pre-mature gray hair as well as lubricate curly and rough tresses.


  1. Hibiscus tea inhibits the deposition of calcium oxalate and other such substances which can lead to stone formation. It acts wonders for healthy working of urinary system.


  1. A combination of green tea with hibiscus is known to have tremendous benefits for type 2 diabetics. It increases HDL(Good cholesterol) improves beta-Cell function and enhances insulin sensitivity in diabetic patients.


  1. By consuming hibiscus extract body fat, weight, BMI, serum free fatty Acid (FFA) and even waist-to-hip ratio were reduced. Hibiscus extract contains polyphenols which reduces the effect of high-fat-diet and prevents liver from converting glucose into fatty acids and triglycerides. It also prevents conversion of preadipocyte cells into adipocyte.


  1. This tea is known to destroy or kill cancer cells in humans. As it is rich in antioxidants and anthocyanin it is used as a chemo preventive agent.


  1. Various diseases caused by oxidative stress like heart attack, Parkinson’s, Alzheimer’s, chronic fatigue etc. are caused due to an imbalance between production of free radicals and body’s inability to neutralize their effects. Thus, extracts of hibiscus counter oxidative stress.

So, for an amazing health benefit from controlling high blood pressure or high cholesterol to lowering the risk of cancer and speeding up the metabolism the hibiscus tea is a magical and wonderful herbal drink. This ruby red colour sour tea is perfect to keep you fit and healthy.

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