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Things that Business School Won’t Teach You about Entrepreneurship

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Before knowing the things that a business school and business classes won’t teach about entrepreneurship let us know little about entrepreneurship. Entrepreneurship is a process of starting a new business and any organization for the profit and social needs and there are so many principles of entrepreneurship.

You need to know about each and every aspect of entrepreneurship as you are running a new business. It is also true that there are so many things that a business school won’t teach you about entrepreneurship. So, you need to know about how to start and running a new business so that you become a successful entrepreneur.

Most of the business schools taught- how to communicate with professionals, how to negotiate, and how to understand the concepts of economics, laws, and finance but still there is a gap of knowledge that you have to fill.

We can also say that business school and business classes can be a valuable investment but it is not enough if you want to start a small new business and become successful. Business education is important but gives the best result when you are having the deep knowledge about finance, health, sales & marketing, legal & HR.

If you are planning to start a new business, there are some tips for you.

Plans are not the most important thing



Planning for any new business is important but over planning can kill your business. It happens when you will adjust the things based on your customer’s need.

If you want to start a business and create a business plan, always calculate the product-market fit because your plans works well when you are familiar with the foundation of market strategies.

If you want to grow your business fast then, it is important to think about the facts or your plan that you are going to execute and it is more important to get proof of your concept instead of trying to plan every part of your business to perfection. Never make excessive plans before execution.

How to be creative

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Creativity is an art and hard to teach. Business schools only teach rules & regulations, parameters of the business, and systems.

For an entrepreneur, sometimes the best solution is not enough, it requires a creative & inspired solution. When you will search about the top companies work and statistics you will see the creativity behind the work. Creativity comes by trying new things and executes that creativity on your plans.

If your customer faces any problem then try to solve it by different and creative solutions so that the customer gets impressed by you and your way of doing work.

Learn new marketing strategies

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Most of the business schools taught many marketing strategies, but in today’s time, you need to learn more about marketing strategies. The gap of this education is because the information about digital technologies & strategies changes a lot faster according to the trend.

If you are an entrepreneur, there is a need to stay updated with the latest trends of digital marketing so that you can implement the new business strategies and digital marketing strategies in your plan.

If you want to become a successful entrepreneur soon then it is important having deep knowledge of things like Search engine Optimization, E-mail marketing, and pay per click advertising. It is true that you can’t get the answer of your queries related to these in your business classroom. So, learn more things about digital marketing and tools of digital marketing so that you can grow fast as compared to others.

A business strategy is not a destination, but a journey

A business strategy is not something which is the final destination to reach your goals but this is a journey which is important to cover for the growth of any business. It is important to relook the every business strategy and then, to refine and evolve it.

All the CEO’s, directors, stakeholders, business professionals, executives, and junior interns need to be aware of and reminded about what direction the business or company needs to go in. Aligning everyone’s goals helps executives to their tasks according to the priority, keeps them engaged, and allows to builds greater trust with the customers.

An Idea is not enough to ensure entrepreneurial success


Most of the entrepreneurs assume that if they a have a powerful idea, they can build a strong startup or business but they are not aware of the thing that skills are also important as the idea itself.

Unless the entrepreneurs can work to determine how much time a task takes to work or what type of challenges if they can face, they can’t make a perfect planned strategy for the employees.

Most of the successful founders like Bill Gates and Steve Jobs build the companies by utilizing their skills sets to make ideas a reality. You can learn from the work of these founders. So, whatever you did to become successful in this world, do that by using all the skills.

How to set goals

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It is obvious that no one can teach you how to set your goal so it is clear that a business school can teach about the importance of goals but cannot teach how to set the goals.

Many entrepreneurs know that what are their goals but they don’t know how to set the goal. Goals are important when you are going to build a new business or organization. Once you decide your goal then the setting of a goal is just so that you can decide each and everything according to your goal.

Invest and believe in yourself- Tough Reality

Entrepreneurs need to invest and believe in themselves- we heard this so many times. It sounds nice but becomes a tough reality when you are going to do this while building your startup.

To invest and believe in yourself you need to do more hard work so that you can achieve your goal soon.

So, always try to find a unique and creative solution to the problems, set your goal, invest & believe in yourself, and learn new marketing strategies. These are the all things that definitely help you to become a successful entrepreneur.  



Atul Garg

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