Butterfly Cake

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Want to make the cake look super interesting for your kids? Try this Butterfly cake and add in your kids’ favorite colours for them to enjoy. Follow the step-by-step method to make a beautiful butterfly cake. Use ODDY ECOBAKE to like the baking tin for easy demolding. ODDY ECOBAKE is grease-proof and reusable.

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  • 11/4 cup vanilla premix
  • Water
  • 2 tbsp oil
  • 3-4 drops pineapple emulsion
  • 7- inch round tin
  • White whipping cream
  • Pineapple crush



  • In a bowl, add premix and water and mix it into a batter. Add pineapple emulsion and mix well. Take 7-inch round tin. Cover the base with ODDY ECOBAKE to prevent the cake sticking on the tin.
  • Tap to avoid any air bubbles. Cook the on low flame for 34-40 mins. Demold the cake once cooled. Take a 10-inch cake board. And make 2 layers of the cake.
  • Keep one layer of the cake and water and sugar mixture to moist the cake. Now add whipping cream and coat well. Add pineapple crush and blend well. Now and the second layer, but keep the top part downside. Add whipping cream on the sides and top.
  • Now mark the cake on the center and make a perfect line. Cut the cake into two equal parts and keep it on opposite sides as shown in the image to form a butterfly. Now mark the center for on side of the sides and mark 11/2 inch from the center. Also mark an extra ½ inch from the previous marling. Do this on both the sides.
  • Now cut the cake from the first two marking to make a small triangle as shown in image. Do the same for the last to marking as well. This will make perfect wing shapes for the butterfly.
  • Coat the cake with pink whipping cream. Now make designs as shown in video. Use nozzle Noor 7, Noor 5 Noor 6 to make intricate designs on the butterfly cake. Use black gel to make eyes and detailing for our butterfly. Our butterfly cake is ready.

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