3D Cake Decoration technique

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A 3D water painting effect technique to decorate your cake beautifully. Turn your simple cake into a designer cake.

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  • Whipped cream
  • Blue, green, pink and yellow colour gel
  • Silicone Cake brush
  • Nozzle no 36 and 126
  • Spatula
  • Piping bags



  • Place oddy Ecobake baking and cooking paper on cake mould and transfer the cake batter and bake it.
  • Split into 3 horizontal halves and Crumb coat it with white whipped cream and smoothen the sides.
  • Take whipped cream and add sky blue gel color, mix well and add a few snippets on top of the cake and smoothen it from the outside to the center of the cake. Smoothen to the extent that it finally comes out as a very light blue colour on the cake.
  • Using a brush, make a swirl pattern. We are making a water effect on the cake
  • Take nozzle no 36 and fill the piping bag with white whipping cream on one side(1/4) and pink whipping cream(3/4) on the other side.
  • In another bowl, take whipped cream and apply green gel and mix well to an extent the white cream patches are still visible. Take 126 no nozzle and fill piping bag with the green cream.
  • Use a spatula and make a U shape patter on top of the cake and apply the green cream on the outline of the U by shaking the piping bag a bit to bring a leaf patter Then fill inside the U also similarly.
  • Take some whipped cream and add yellow color to it. Now take the yellow whipped cream in a grass shape nozzle and make a design of grass in between 2 leaves.
  • Now take the prepared pink cream and make petals using it on the outer side of the yellow grass design. Make 3 outer layers of it and give it the shape of a lotus. Do more designs as needed and your beautiful cake is ready.

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