Truffle Cake

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A perfect recipe for any celebration this time, and we will share some tips and tricks to make an ideal truffle cake for your loved ones. Truffle Cake might sound challenging at home, but once you try it, you will get to know it. Made using readily available ingredients, you can try this recipe at home even if you are a beginner in cooking and baking.

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  • 2 cup (200 ml) Chocolate Premix
  • Chocolate Ganache
  • Choco chips
  • Golden Drip



  • Take 2 cups of Chocolate premix and add 1 cup of water. Mix it properly and make sure there shouldn’t be any lumps in it.
  • Now transfer the batter into a cake tin lined with Oddy ecobake Cooking and Baking Paper, so that your cake would come out easily without sticking, in perfect shape.
  • To bake in kadhai, first bake for 10 mins on high flame and for 30 mins on low flame.
  • To bake in the oven, set the oven to baking mode on 180 degree celsius and bake for 30 mins.
  • Cut the cake in 3 parts, and soak the cake sponge with water.
  • Spread ganache on each layer using piping bag, and sprinkle some choco chips in between.
  • Crumb coat the cake and freeze it for 10-15 mins, after 15 mins took out the cake and cover it with ganache.
  • Smoothen it using the spatula, you can dip the spatula in hot water to evenly spread the ganache.
  • Use a scraper to give the final finish, put it in the freezer for some time.Meanwhile take some flowers and cover them using clean wrap.
  • Use golden drip to make a design on half of the cake as shown in the videos.
  • Decorate the cake using the flowers and the butterfly, also you can make shell shaped designs on the lower end of the cake as shown in the video, and also on the portion where we decorate the cake using golden drip.
  • Your cake is ready to serve.

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Dharmis Kitchen

Dharmis Kitchen is run by Dharmishtha Kholiya. She is a house wife who loves cooking and likes to do innovation in her recipes. All her recipes are pure vegetarian, with no use of onion and garlic.

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