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Cake is a must item on that special birthday occasion. We have been trying out variety of cake recipes since pandemic. The most tricky thing is to decorate the cake like we get in a cake shop. Here are few simple and easy tricks to decorate a cake at your home.

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  • Whipping Cream
  • Food Color's - Pink, Sky blue and Yellow
  • Small decorative sugar balls - Silver, Gold and Pearl
  • Baked and frosted cake



  • Prepare the cake of your choice and do frosting of a cake
  • Take a cake comb and on top of the cake draw strokes once done keep the cake in the fridge
  • Take whipping cream into two bowls
  • Add Pink gel food color (3-4 drops) to one bowl and mix well
  • Add Sky blue gel food color (3-4 drops) to another bowl and mix well
  • Transfer the cream to a piping bag with an N1 nozzle
  • Take Skewers and toothpicks (4-5 each) big and small
  • Take 2 pieces of non-stick Oddy Ecobake paper and keep them on two separate plates
  • Take a skewer and insert it in the piping bag, keep the size as per your preference
  • While doing the piping of the skewer rotate the skewer to get a swirls design
  • Recreate the same design with different creams and rotate the pipe/skewer left to right to get a different design
  • Take Sugar balls and sprinkle them on swirls once done keep the swirls in the fridge for 1 Hour
  • Prepare Yellow color cream and transfer to the n1 nozzle
  • Take the other plate with Oddy Ecobake paper on it and with the help of piping make yellow roses from cream
  • Now also create roses from Pink and blue cream
  • Create some stars from leftover cream
  • Use sugar balls and place them in the middle of the roses
  • Put the toothpicks slowly to the side of the roses and keep the flowers in the fridge
  • Take out the frosted cake from the fridge
  • Take a closed star shape nozzle and pour white color cream into it
  • Now on top of the cake sideways draw a braid design
  • Now, Remove the swirls and flowers from the fridge
  • Place them on top of the cake one by one
  • Now at the bottom around the corner draw a border with a star nozzle with pink cream
  • Your Decoration is complete
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Classy Bhava Kitchen

An MBA Lecturer & Personality Development Trainer by profession & a full on food enthusiast. She believes that great food is foundation to genuine happiness.

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