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How Oddy products help in your kitchen

Oddy Ecobake Non-stick liners are used to line a pan or baking tray keep your breads, cakes, and buns look nice with no effect on taste of food. It can be used in Air fryer, Frying pans, steamers and bakeware to reduce the cleaning time and effort. Also available in different sizes.

Oddy Ecobake paper tray is designed round so that no need to tear, fold, cut or bend while cooking food. It can be used for Baking, roasting, steaming food as per your wish.

Wrap chapatis, parathas, sandwiches, burger or any kind of food that you want to store for a long time to maintain moisture, fresh and hygienic in Oddy Uniwraps.

If you want to maintain temperature for even cooking, also that do not stick to the pan then utilize Oddy Ecobake Brown that is non-toxic and reusable.

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