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Keep refrigerator clean and veggies fresh with Oddy Uniwraps

The Fruits and veggies compartment of your refrigerator might get dirty very easily. All the dried veggies, spices get accumulated which makes everything unclean. Also, sometimes vegetable and fresh spices gets rotten sooner than expected. I have a solution for this. Oddy Uniwraps can help you keep the veggie tray clean and also keeps the veggies and fruits fresh for many days.

All you have to do is first clean and wipe the tray with a cloth. Then according to the base size of your tray cut the Oddy Uniwraps and cover the base of your tray. Now this will prevent your tray form getting dirty. Also, you can change the sheet after a few weeks. In this was your veggie tray stays clean. A clean tray will also keep the veggies fresh for longer.

Now you can wrap each different types of veggies in Oddy Uniwraps and then cover it nicely so that they stay fresh for many days. Make sure you cover the veggies nice and firm. You can secure it with an elastic band. Do this for all the veggies, fruits and fresh spices that you want to store in the veggie counter. For easy access label them with the help of a pen or marker. Keeping your vegetables fresh for many days is easy with Oddy Uniwraps.

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