Kesar Pista Roll Cut Kulfi Without Condensed Milk

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Try this kesar pista roll-cut kulfi with ingredients available at home. We’ve shown you how to make Kesar pista roll cut kulfi icecream without condensed milk, cream, or corn flour in this video. Ecobake assists in getting the perfect shape for your kulfi without the need for greasing or cleaning afterwards.

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  • 2 Tbsp pista & 500 ml milk
  • 2 Tbsp wheat flour & 1/3 Cup sugar
  • 1/4 Tsp pista essence & 2 Drops green colour
  • 2 Tbsp milk powder & Kesar



  • Soak 2 tbsp. of pista in hot water and rest for 20 min. Heat 500 ml of milk continuously and stir until it reduces to half. Stir and roast 2 tbsp of wheat flour in a pan for 2 minutes. Add the boiled milk and stir continuously.
  • Add 1/3 cup of sugar and switch off the stove when the milk thickens. Remove the skin of soaked pista seeds. Cool it completely and add milk, soaked pista, pista essence, milk powder and grind it to a creamy paste.
  • Now take the Uniwraps paper foil and cut it into the desired shape. Place it in the steel container before pouring in the ice cream base. Cover the lid and refrigerate the container in the fridge for 8 hours or more.
  • After 8 hours, remove the lid and demold the container. Now cut the roll into slices and garnish with chopped pista and kesar. Garnish the cut slices with kesar and pista.

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