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Lessons That Business School Won’t Even Teach You

Business Lesson That Aren’t Available In Classrooms

There probably be many lessons that you will learn in any of the business school. However, there are some of the things that not even a single business school will ever teach you. There are some of the lessons that you need to learn from the experiences of a person who has already traveled on the same road where you desire to move ahead.

Here, in this article, Atul Garg, who is the founder of Oddy Uniwrapsthe food wrapping paper, has shared some of the most important lessons with us that every budding entrepreneur should know so as to flourish in the market industry. Adding to his notes, he has also made sure that no one would have known it before. So, here we go.

1. How to be a better leader?

Learn To Lead In Business

It’s a general perception of the people that leaders who have done MBAs are much more effective. However, this is absolutely not true. Leaders who have MBAs are more effective and they don’t perform much better than those who haven’t done it. As a matter of fact, reports from Harvard Business School states that among 100 best performing CEOs in the world, only 24 percent of them had done MBAs.

What’s most important is leaders must be aware of their strengths and shortcomings. They need to impart a positive vibe from themselves. Apart from this, they also need to motivate everyone who surrounds them. However, unfortunately, such lessons are not available within the four walls of classrooms of any business school.

2. There isn’t any single path to success

Learn Various Ways Of Success

A soon to be a leader should understand that only one single formula can’t ever let you reach to your destination. You need to be very clever in terms of achieving your goal. You will have to make your own road to travel towards your dream. No one is going to do it for you. In other words, you can’t even expect that out of other people for yourself, then whether he be your teacher, a mentor or a billionaire business leader. They will never tell you how to create the best future for yourself. It’s only you who has to figure out for yourself. This is indispensable too as any person’s vision can’t be copied and made it again by someone else.

3. How to build relations that will help you move ahead

It is generally asserted that it’s not about what you know but it’s all about whoever you know and to be very honest, this statement is absolutely very true in business. Every single business is based upon the relationship that you have along with your connections. If you do desire to be successful in your future, you need to be master of so-called soft skills. For instance, how to link up with the people in a network and form bonds with them. That’s the only way you can get invited to the right places and will be able to get in touch with the right people.

4. How to be an effective communicator

Being an effective communicator is also one of the most important tasks of a leader. In other words, people should understand you that you want to tell them. They should listen to you. You need to be this much effective to become successful leaders in the market industry. And this is what creates a difference between you and others. Apart from this, it also helps in sealing a deal. Some people are gifted communicators while others need an improvement in their communication skills. However, this topic is barely covered within the chapters of any business school.

5. How to establish a new business

Business schools will surely teach you all the relevant steps that you need to follow when you are forming a business. For instance, they will let you know about the way you need to go for research, make a strategy, establish a budget plan, choose a business structure and many more are added to this list. However, no one will ever let you know about what lies behind veils of business in a particular industry. No one will let you know that how you’ll find capital for your business or how you will get people to put funds in your ideas and make it a big deal at its first sale. All these things depend on you. You are the only person who has to decide each and everything make your business successful, flourish and sustainable.

6. Importance of courtesy and mannerism

 Importance of courtesy and mannerism

Good mannerism is one such thing that is being taught by our parents at the earliest age of ours. And why not; it is one of the most important parts of one’s life as well. But can anyone let me know that is it the same thing you get to learn from your professors about the good mannerism in any class of any business schools as well? Who provides lectures on the utilization of common courtesies and etiquettes while dealing along with the customers? I guess no one would have ever done and this is what the most important part of the business. Sometimes, simple things like using customers’ names, being on time, delivering on promises and saying thanks can create a huge difference in the success rate of your business.

7. How to hire the best people?

Hiring A Perfect Candidate

There is hardly even a single entrepreneur whose success story has finished without any struggle with recruiting and getting hired the best team of professionals who can assist you in achieving your goals. The teams of human resource managers have refined the process of hiring but still, deciding who will fit the best into the benchmarks set by you becomes a challenging part and there is no specific formula for the same.

So, these were some of the unique as well as precious knowledge for all the new entrepreneurs who are all set to start their business startups and desire to make it successful as well as sustainable too. Here, I would like to thank Atul Garg, who is the founder of Oddy Uniwraps, the food wrapping paper for such amazing information.


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