Mini Chocolate Cake

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Mini Chocolate Cake is a cute cake and good for small parties and functions. Try this cake today for kids. Before baking, always line the cake tin with Oddy Ecobake so smooth removal of cakes. It is nongreasy and nonsticky, safe to use, and reusable as well.

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  • 4 inch cake tin, 100 gm premix
  • 50 gm water, 1 tsp oil
  • chocolate ganache, chocolate shavings,
  • sprinkles for decoration, star nozzle, Oddy Ecobake



  • In a bowl, mix premix, water and oil for a smooth cake batter. Pour it in a 4 inch cake tin lined with Oddy Ecobake.
  • Spread the batter and tap the tin. Bake it for 20-25 mins at 180 degree temperature. Allow it to cool and slice into three layers.
  • Place last layer and soak with water. Add layer of chocolate ganache and complete the rest of the two layers in similar manner.
  • Crumb coat with ganache and again apply a thick layer of ganache. Smoothen the sides with a palette knife.
  • Now heat the chocolate ganache and bring it to liquid consistency. Pour the ganache and smoothen the sides again.
  • Now coat the sides with chocolate shavings. For extra garnishing add sprinkles on the top edge of the cake. On the base, make a border with chocolate ganache using a star nozzle. Cake is ready to be served.

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Prajakta is a homemaker who loves to bake delicious and unique cakes, and many more yummy and interesting recipes.

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