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Store, microwave and refrigerate with Oddy Ecobake

Oddy Ecobake baking paper eliminates the need for greasing your trays for making pizzas. Oddy Ecobake is eco-friendly and bio-degradable. In the baking tray, you can place the baking paper and keep the pizza base over it, next just add your favorite veggies and spices for toppings. Get it straight to the oven, bake and your pizza is ready!!

You can store your pizza for later in the same baking paper, refrigerate, and also microwave or heat it in a pan when needed hot and fresh. Isn’t it amazing that one Oddy Ecobake paper can be used to make, bake and store!!

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Although Bristi shares many recipes for snacks and other items, her most popular recipes are for desserts—cakes, cookies and ice creams. Her recipes don’t need the use of an oven, and she has several recipes which require only three ingredients!

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