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Wrap Food, Serve Happiness: Oddy Uniwraps, Healthy Way Of Wrapping Food!


A Healthy Way of Wrapping Food: Oddy Uniwraps

A healthy lifestyle not only changes our body, it changes our mind, attitude and our mood. Having said that there are few renowned entrepreneurs who have changed the way we lead our life through food and its safety products. To make India a healthy nation, they are not only aiming to provide a wide range of food products but also deliver healthy and certified products(for e.g- food wrap)  as per the highest global standards. One of the products is Oddy Uniwraps which is a brand name of Atul Paper Pvt. Ltd. a prominent player in stationary and paper products for the past 20 years.

BananiVista, Oddy Uniwraps
Atul Garg-Managing Director-Oddy Uniwraps


A Sneak Peak at the birth of the product: Started to work in his father’s stationary shop, Atul realized and pursued his dream early in his life. Upon completing his graduation in 1998, he got into business completely.

Under the brand name “Oddy” for the office stationary articles, he started to introduce a wide range of products.‘Oddy’ is an abbreviation for “On demand”. This worked as a lucky mascot for the brand.

Oddy Uniwraps is a unique product started by Atul under the brand.The idea was born with a small observation of aluminum foil turning black in color when used for wrapping mango pickle. This marked the start of the legacy of Oddy Uniwraps. Today, Oddy Uniwraps stands as one of the fastest growing companies in India.

BananiVista,Oddy's Uniwrap, wrap
Food Wrapping Paper-Chef Ajay Chopra recommends!

About the product, Oddy Uniwrap: Either school kids or working professionals, most of us get our fresh and healthy foods packed from home in aluminium foil, plastic film or tissue paper. But are we aware of the fact that these aluminium and plastic wraps are health hazards? This is when Oddy Uniwrap comes to the rescue which is safe and best to use. This replaces the aluminium wraps which reacts with food being a highly reactive metal. Aluminium and plastic leech into the food and contaminate it leading to long term deadly diseases.

Let’s have a quick look on why one should use Oddy Uniwrap:

Heat Resistant: ISO certified Oddy Uniwrap are food wrapping paper made with 100% cellulose. It is microwave safe– one can wrap the food and heat it in the microwave as this food wrapping paper is resistant to heat upto 230-degree Celsius.

Grease Proof and Eco-Friendly: It has a unique property to lock the grease. It can lock the oil inside and won’t allow flowing outside.

BananiVista, Oddy's Uniwraps
Oddy’s Food Wrapping
BananiVista,Oddy Uniwrap, Wrap
Oddy Uniwrap-Wrap Food, Serve Happiness

Tasty and a Fresh Meal: This wrapping sheet is non-stick, prevents the food from getting soggy and stale. Oddy Wrap locks the moisture of the food keeping it fresh and tasty.

Hence, say “NO” to Aluminium or Plastic Wrap, use Oddy Uniwraps and pack the lunch box of your loved ones with utmost care.

Available online at Amazon and ShopClues.


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