Q1. Which is the best paper for baking tots?

Ans : Oddy Uniwrap baking sheet

Q2. How can the tots be eaten fresh later?

Ans : By wrapping it in OddyUniwrap wrapping paper for any food packaging.

Q3. Which metal is mainly found in Alzheimer’s patients?

Ans : Aluminium

Q4. How is the use of aluminium foil harmful for the health?

Ans : It damages brain tissues, causes fits and stomach ulcers. So also wrap your food in organic paper.

Q5. How do I ensure the safe handling of food?

Ans : By wrapping it in OddyUniwrap wrapping paper Instead​ of tissue paper.

Q6. What is OddyUniwrap wrapping paper made from?

Ans : 100% organic cellulose.

Q7. How do I retain the taste and freshness of a chicken roll?

Ans : By wrapping it in OddyUniwrap wrapping paper.

Q8. What else can Oddy Uniwraps wrapping sheets be used for?

Ans : To transfer hot paratha after removing form pan. Recipes

Q9. Why is Kathi Roll wrapped in OddyUniwrap wrapping paper?

Ans : To retain its taste for consuming it later and keep it fresh even on the go. This is the best way of food packaging.

Q9. What is the benefit of wrapping a kati roll in an Oddy Uniwraps sheet?

ANs : It maintains taste and freshness and retains hygiene.

Q10. What is the best time to eat fruits?

Ans : An hour before or two hours after a meal.

Q11. How are gastric juices essential?

Ans : They secret digestive enzymes needed for digestion of food.

Q12. What is the best way of wrapping food?

Ans : OddyUniwrap wrapping sheet.

Q13. What are the important factors to be considered while packing food?

Ans : Food Quality, Packing material and type of container are the factors of food packaging.

Q14. What is the use of metallic papers?

Ans : Metallic paper is a glossy sheet of paper with a metallic finish. It is used for printing photos. Printing photos on metallic sheet give depth to pictures.

Q15. Is food cooked in a microwave oven bad for your health?

Ans : No cooking food in the microwave is not harmful but the microwave can partially cook food which is in thick pieces. uncooked food can be harmful to your stomach but cooking food in the microwave is not harmful.

Q16. What are the aspects to run a successful distribution business?

Ans : It is not easy to start a new business if you have no strategy to implement it. Whereas distribution business is concerned, there are many things that one should keep in mind if they want a broader spectrum for their business. You have to take a note a note of certain things like what kind of staff they have hired for the work, what kind of process they follow, are the digital on the up front?

To make a small business large and prosperous one should have determination and should a set of rules.

· Hiring of right kind of people who are qualified enough to handle the job.

· Don’t go for the obvious instead think out of the line; if everyone is doing the same thing then it is not necessary that it is right, do the things which are different.

· Focus more on customer service, happy customers lead to happy sales.

· Take a hold on your inventories

· Give out all the required information to the team.

Q17. What if we kept vegetables in the fridge by wrapping it in a newspaper? Is it harmful?

Ans : Because the ink which is used to wrap the food contains ink which is not good for health and CAN cause CANCER. It should not be used even to soak oil. The ink which is used for printing contains bioactive materials, pigments, harmful chemical contaminants, and pathogenic microorganisms. These things are harmful to an adult body so just imagine what it can do to a kid’s health. Wrapping food items in a newspaper is like slowly poisoning yourself. In 2016 FSSAI had decided to ban all the vendors from wrapping food in newspapers. be it just for storing food in the fridge, food should never be wrapped which has printing on it, not even in the glossy magazine sheets. I found a healthy alternative to newspaper and aluminum foils and I have personally used it, it is bio-degradable and eco-friendly. you can check out Oddy Uniwraps products here

Q18. Is it better to cover food with aluminum foil in a fridge?

Ans : You ought to never wrap warm eatables in aluminum foil as the foil gets filtered into the nourishment you wrap and could prompt numerous infirmities, for example, dementia and significantly Alzheimer’s. Rather, you may simply need to utilize great quality paper wrapping to wrap nourishments like chapattis and sandwiches. Try not to utilize foils to pack eatables that are acidic in nature. This implies you ought to never pack dishes made with vinegar, tomato and tomato sauce in an aluminum foil. The corrosive quality of food can connect with the aluminum to dissolve the foil and permit the dampness and microscopic organisms get into the eatables. In case you’re roasting fish, cooking vegetables or setting up a bit of meat for supper today around evening time, odds are that you’ll wrap your food in aluminum foil. What you may not understand is that a portion of the foil will filter into your supper – and this could be awful for your wellbeing. In case you are wondering that if not aluminum foil then what should we wrap our food in? Here is an eco-friendly alternative which is safe for your family.

Q19. How do I bake a cake in a grill microwave oven?

Ans : If you can turn off the microwaves so that only the heat elements are on. Preheat the oven for 10 minutes and line the tin with a parchment paper then bake the cake as usual.

Q20. Is there any wrapping paper which is biodegradable?

Ans : It is good to know that you care about the environment. As we all know that aluminum is really harmful for packing food as it is a starter for many diseases such as Alzheimer’s diseases and weakening of bones. It is actually a shocking thing to know that many people know about the harmful effects of the aluminum foil wraps but still they use it. This comes out from a personal experience; I am using a bio-degradable and an eco-friendly wrap which does not harm your kids and even the environment. The name of the wrap is Oddy Uniwraps. Don’t worry it is affordable and easily available. They have a variety of wrapping paper, you can check out their website here.