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What makes a business work?

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  • Ideas and set of skills
  • Capital
  • Implementing the idea and following a procedure
  • Leadership and Teamwork
  • Responsibilities
  • Outcome

You have an idea to set up a business but you have a problem with bringing up that up and implementing it. The point is you don’t have the exact set of skill and enough capital for a startup.

Then how do you start?

Every business starts with an IDEA. Correct idea implementation with a proper set of skills is the important tool in starting a venture. The owner and employees work together as a team, as a family and implement the ideas and work on them to start a startup.

Apart from working, there are other responsibilities which an owner should keep in mind while going for the kill. Responsibilities include many aspects, like a better work environment, easy access to work; a set time of hours to work etc. these are just the humble needs of an employee. There other responsibilities which the owner has to fulfill in order to double the profit.

What should be your responsibilities?


  • Stepping up one step at a time is progress. Immediate results are not seen but you will progress towards your result.
  • Change is continuous and you should know the needs and demands of your target customers. Gather more information and don’t limit your sources.
  • Follow a strategy and stick to it. Keep one thing in mind that your actions count.
  • Keep all the information about your competitors and note down the things through which they are rising.
  • Join hands with a partner only when it is necessary. If you have a startup then it is advisable to keep a partner. More minds are directly proportional to more ideas.
  • Manage your stakeholders



It is essential to have a work-friendly environment especially when you have female employees. Research suggests that when the work environment is friendly then the employees work happily and generate a better outcome. Introduce after work gets together, or small parties to engage employees and this will drive out the work phobia. The less stressed the employees are the more peacefully they can work. Also keep one thing in mind that you should not overburden your employees, of course, deadlines, are important but piling up them will work will not work.        



There is hardly a person on earth who is not seen with a Smartphone in hand. Social media platforms are the new playground for grownups. People are getting more and more hooked towards social media so engaging your target audience is another important aspect. Running advertisement, polls, questionnaire, and templates is a way to boost your name. Work on the digital marketing strategies, for example, you have a recipe for kids and you have uploaded it to your blog page.

But how will you offer it to the audience to see that?

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You can post it on the social media platforms like Facebook, Pinterest, Linkedin, and Instagram; if you have a video in the recipe then you can upload it on YouTube and can provide the link on these platforms.

MANUAL MANAGEMENT can be done through pamphlet distribution and by putting up hoarding. Manage a sales team which will have the complete knowledge about the product and get them in action. Even if they don’t make a sale, they will give the information about your product. Advertise your brand in newspapers, radio, or on television channels.

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Maintain a blog and updating it with the help of an excellent content developer is crucial. You should know about the need of the audience and according to that, you should update your daily blogs.


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  • It is important to know your legal rights as an employee and also as an owner.
  • Owner and employee should know how to maintain a safe and healthy environment. Keep your workplace neat and workable, if female employees face any kind of harassment then immediately report to the authorities.
  • Find a business name which is not difficult to remember, something which comes to your mind immediately.
  • Easily accessible location of the office is something the owner should select beforehand.
  • Know your consumer rights and responsibilities.
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