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Healthy cooking and baking with Oddy Ecobake.

Oddy Ecobake cooking paper circles contains different sizes of pre-cut sheets in a single pack. These Oddy Ecobake sheets are water and oil-proof and can be used multiple times. You can wipe and use the same sheets 5-6 times. Oddy Ecobake can be used in steamer, microwave, air -fryer and also in normal frying pan. These sheets are non-sticky and hence no need to apply oil before using it.

Oddy Ecobake can also be used for reheating in microwave. It is used extensively in baking tin for baking foods. Oddy Ecobake is a healthier option as compared to other papers and foils.

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Jasmine Chaudhari

Through her channel, Jasmine shares kitchen hacks and organizational tips. Utilizing limited storage space to its full potential is one of the unique talents that she shares in her channel.

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