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How much time should a businessman spend with his family

How much time should a businessman spend with his family

We are living in a fast-paced world where everyone is struggling with one’s own problems. In the middle of all the chaos of our own lives and the dreams that we have, most of us forget to enjoy the present. The situation is worse in case of a businessman. He leaves when the children are still in bed and arrives at home when they have fallen asleep. Though this might look normal if we say that a businessman has responsibilities at work, but another truth which gets neglected is that he too has a family.

I asked some of my friends that are into business to share some of their best moments with their children, but to my surprise, most of them didn’t have anything to share. This made me write this article about how much time should a businessman spend with his family because the life is passing by with every second and you won’t get the moments back.


Well, keeping in mind the importance of time for a Businessman,I have come to a big conclusion. No matter how busy you are, if you really want to spend some time with your family, you can spare Sundays for them. It can be a bit difficult in the beginning to set aside all the work and give every minute to your family, but with time, your mind will adjust in such a way that it will automatically try to do most of the work in 6 working days.


As, you will start doing this, you will surely get time for your family. You will be able to sit with your child and talk about his likes and dislikes, enjoy some games with him/her and be the playful father that your child always wanted.

Special occasions

Now, no matter how big company you are running, you will always have to handle two families. One is your own family and others are your in-laws which if taken as whole makes a big family. You see that there is always something happening, sometimes it’s your cousins wedding and there will be times when you will be called to attend birthday parties. Even if you don’t go to your own mother’s birthday but skipping your mother-in-law’s birthday can prove to be life threatening.

Special occasions

Similarly, there are some occasions in which you need to be there with your family because trust me, it’s not easy for your wife to answer why haven’t your husband come? So, before saying no to her, think it thoroughly and dress up your best to show up at the occasion.

Parent Teacher Meetings

If you are saying that you have a busy schedule, and you don’t even have time to spend some fun time with your child then its surely your wife who is looking after their studies. She is probably very much hard working and is no doubt working very hard to keep your children and your home. But you should know that apart from a company, you also have a family, apart from your employees that you spend most of your time with, you also have a wife and children. They too need your attention and your time and you need to create a work life balance.

Now, a parent teacher meeting is a big opportunity for you and trust me my friend that if you attend it, you will become your child’s superhero. No matter if your child wants you to be present at that time, but this will create a sense of respect for you in them and on the other hand, your wife will really appreciate you if you do so.

Family trips

Keep your entrepreneurship and family life apart! Most of the businessmen fail at this and become very much awkward when someone talks about family. It is understandable that you can’t be available for your wife and your children all the time, but if you crack the mystery behind how to balance owning a business and family, you can surely snatch some beautiful moments from time. Planning family trip even once in a month would be enough for maintain the harmony of the family because just money can’t buy happiness. The money you earn can give you things, but if you are there to enjoy those things with your children, it will bring joy and happiness.

Family trips

If all of us keep blaming the businessman lifestyle in spite of doing something to make it right, then I’m afraid that seeing a businessman with his family will soon become the 8TH Wonder.

Dinner with family

There are a number of tips for successful businessman that are meant to make them even more successful and earn big profits, but a few tell how a businessman should handle his family life. Having dinner with family is something that all of us can afford at the cost of our busy business life. If your half hour is costing you to eat without your children then trust me, the work that you did all day can’t pay for its price.

In the midst of all the dreams and goals, don’t forget to spend some happy time with your family. Try stepping out half and hour early from the office to spend some time with your children because the time will pass and one day, you will have time for them, but they won’t.

Businessman time management is quite a tricky task, you can’t say what the next day will bring. You can have urgent meetings and things that you can’t just put aside. So, it is advisable to take the most out every day. Plan a lunch outside or go shopping, do little things that you know can bring big happiness. Keeping in mind, a businessman’s point of view and the time that he has, I would say, if you are struggling with the question of how much time should a businessman spend with his family, the answer is AS MUCH TIME AS POSSIBLE.

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