Farali Farsi Puri

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Farali fursi is a traditional Gujarati recipe prepared especially during festivals. It’s a crispy and delicious snack that tastes best with tea or coffee. Oddy Ecobake helps you flatten the puri without greasing it with oil or ghee. Hence, there is no need for additional cleanup.

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  • 1 Cup Mix Farali Flour (Mix of Sabudana, Sama Rice, Rajgira & Water Chestnut)
  • 1 tsp Coarsely Ground Black Pepper/Kali Mirch Powder
  • 1 tsp Coarsely Ground Roasted Cumin Seeds/Jeera
  • As per taste Rock Salt/Sendha Namak
  • 1/4 tsp sugar, 1/2 tsp green chilli paste & 1/4 tsp eno
  • 2 tbsp Groundnut Oil (For Moyan)
  • As required Water (For knead the dough)
  • As required Groundnut Oil (For Deep Fry)
  • Oddy Ecobake



  • Take farali flour, which is a mix of sabudana, sama rice, rajgira, and water chestnuts, in a bowl.
  • Add crushed black pepper and cumin seeds to the farali dough. Add water gradually to the flour and prepare a stiff dough.
  • Let it rest for a while. Take an Oddy Ecobake and flatten the dough on it using a rolling pin.
  • Make small circles on the dough using a cutter or a tumbler, as shown.
  • Make holes in the small, circular dough to avoid puffing. Fry them in hot oil. Your Farali Farsi puris are ready!

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