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02-June-2017 News Nation – How Is Aluminium a Health Hazard

Aluminium foil

Aluminium is a highly reactive metal and reacts with the hot food packed in it by melting and getting mixed with the food particles. It is the most reactive to acidic and spicy food. According to the survey conducted by the news channel ‘Khabron ka Panchnama’ aluminium is a very toxic metal and is a major health hazard.

Stop using Aluminium foil


Today maximum people use oven for cooking and wrap the food item first and then heat it. This way aluminium gets melt and cooked with the food. Now when we consume this food, aluminium enters our digestive system and gets accumulated in our body. This affects our liver, kidneys, bones and brain. If the content of aluminium keeps on increasing in our body it can lead to breakdown of nervous system, causes depression, anxiety and Alzheimer’s disease. In the same way acidic or sour fruits and vegetables should also not be packed in Aluminium Foil. The chances of cancer are also rising rapidly due to the use of aluminium foil.

Stop using Aluminium foil

Since, aluminium is a light and durable element, so people prefer using it for cooking as well as wrapping food. It is also the third most abundant chemical element which can easily bind with other elements.

People prefer using aluminium foil to keep their food warm but they don’t actually realize that this way they are ingesting aluminium and degrading their health. It damages the brain tissue, can result in fits and cause stomach ulcers. We need to know that how harmful and deadly it could be to use aluminium especially for cooking and healing. Therefore , time has come to bring a change in your lifestyle as well as old cooking methods. To protect yourself and your loved ones, start using wrapping paper for cooking or storing food instead of aluminium foil. You can choose from a variety of wrapping papers available in the market but one such paper is Oddy Uniwrap’. It fulfills all the standard safety requirements to keep your food safe and protected from any kind of toxicity. It is a global way of wrapping, reheating and cooking your daily meals. It is non-sticky, grease proof and even safe for use in microwave and oven.

When you can get so many benefits related to your health by using paper then why go for aluminium foil which can do more harm than any good so, switch on to food wrapping paper and be assured of healthy living.

News Nation

A famous Neurologist Dr. Sameer Kalra of sir Ganga Ram Hospital also advocate “No Use” of aluminium foil as it can have some serious repercussions on brain and health. The mixing of aluminium into food while cooking does not lie in the permissible limit set by WHO. High levels of aluminium have been found in brains of patients suffering from Alzheimer’s disease. When food is cooked in aluminium utensils, it gets oxidized forming aluminium oxide but reacts with the spices in food and contaminates the food. Excess intake of aluminium for patients suffering from bone diseases might worsen their condition. It also reduces the growth rate of human brain cells. Leaching of aluminium is maximum in hot spicy food as well sour and liquid food solutions. Anything acid sparks an aggressive process that dissolves layers of aluminium rather it should not be made also. Exposure to aluminium through food can also lead to mirgi fits, stomach ulcers and other health hazards. It is a toxic metal which damages the brain tissue and leads to degenerative disease by producing oxidative stress. As the concentration and accumulation of aluminium increases in our body it can lead to neurological disorders. It can be equally harmful for children as well as adults. The spicy and acidic food leaches more of aluminium and poses major risk to food and health as well. It is surprising to note sometimes high level of calcium is seen in blood which also indicates high intake of aluminium. It indicates alteration of bone mineralization, matrix formation and bone cell activity. Also chronic aluminium toxicity results in osteoporosis. It is highly recommended by experts to not to use aluminium for cooking or wrapping food. Aluminium is known to be neurotoxic because it leads to dementia, autism and also Parkinson’s disease. The negative point about aluminium is that it is non-biodegradable and keeps on accumulating. By cooking and wrapping food in aluminium, we ourselves are contaminating it. Cumulative effect of small doses of aluminium over time can lead to toxic metal overload and erosion of health.

News Nation

We have been discussing about the harmful effects of aluminium on our health and food but the most important thing to know is ‘What actually aluminium is?’. Let us go into some details about aluminium.

Aluminium is the third most abundant metal after silicon and oxygen. It is a silvery-white metal. Since aluminium cannot exist in pure form in nature, it reacts with other metals. Since it is light-weight, people prefer using it but ignore the risk factors associated with it. Normally aluminium does not react with air, but if it is exposed to oxygen or burns in the presence of oxygen, it forms aluminium trioxide (AL2 O3). This leads of corrosion of aluminium and when it comes in contact with hot food or spicy and acidic food, it spoils the food. When we eat the food mixed with traces of aluminium, it goes into our today. Since it does not break down and keeps on accumulating, it starts attacking the different organs of the body like brain, stomach and so on. This way a person has to suffer some serious consequences. Until recently, People were unaware about the harmful effects of aluminium but thanks to social media which brought this issue to limelight and educated people about it. We also need to understand the principle behind keeping food warm in aluminium foil. Since aluminium is a good conductor of heat but a poor radiator it absorbs the heat of food and does not pass it to the surroundings due to the presence of layer of oxide on it. cence on being hot, aluminium melts and gets mixed with the food and if food is wrapped or cooked in  it for long time it gets contaminated.

Experts have found that due to the heating effect of aluminium, it has been used for treating back kain and joint pains. On further research it is found that when aluminium foil is wrapped on the site of apin, it goes away in a short span. On wrapping the site of pain, the bio-energy that pass through the body natures to the meridians form, where it got originated. When the meridian is returned to the natural state the energy flow is regulated and the pain is relieved. As we find excessive use of aluminium for cooking, heating and storing food, the time has come to say goodbye to aluminium and switch on to the healthy, hygienic and safe ways of cooking and packing food. The need of hour is to make yourself aware about the ills of using aluminium. Don’t compromises on your health by judging what is right or wrong for you & Go by the facts and choose for yourself the best way of having a healthy meal. Now is the time to say ‘no’ to aluminium and ‘yes ‘to food wrapping and baking paper. Don’t let yourself suffer from health hazards rather look for healthy options.

News Nation

Be concerned about your health as well as the health of your loved ones. The meal that you wrap in aluminium foil for children is very harmful for their health. It is contaminated and can badly damage their brain cells. They may suffer from brain related disorders. So why provide them the packet of ill-health rather show your concern for them and wrap good health and nutritious food for them in the wrapping paper. Enjoy the benefits of healthy eating and living with food wrapping paper available in market. These days you can choose from a wide variety of food wrapping papers and be assured of eating hygienic food. Stop using aluminium and save your life from diseases.

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