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How To Succeed In Business – 2019

how to succeed in business-2019

The success and failure of any start-up business depend on having an in-depth knowledge of the process and clarity of the purpose of the business. It is crucial to have a clear goal and take each step towards success very prudently.

There is no magical potion which will help you to make a successful business, it all depends on your dedication, efforts, and approach. If you want to how to succeed in business, then keep reading this article as it will give you clarity on how some small businesses have made a remarkable impact.

Success is the dream of all entrepreneurs, but while some can make this dream come true, some may staggerin mid-way and move back. Let’s understand some of the key factors of how to succeed in business.

1. Have the Correct Attitude

Your success starts in your minds. If you have the go-get-it attitude and believe in yourself, you will surely succeed. If you think that you can do it, you will surely be able to do it someday or the other. But, if you fear and hesitate before taking any decision, there is a high probability that you will never be able to reach your goal.

That is why it is correctly said: entrepreneurship is an attitude and not an act.

2. Take Small Steps

make a successful business

While having a clear vision is vital, it is important that you have milestones in your long road. To make a successful business, you will have to give it time, and instead of taking long leaps, you will need to take small steps.  Like you know small drops of water can fill a bucket. Similarly, each small and measured step of yours will take you closer to your dream. Since establishing a business and maintaining it is a lifelong activity, you need to start enjoying your small successes also.

3. Be A Leader

Be A Leader

The basic of how to succeed in business is known to all people but not followed by many: being a leader and not a boss. This is a vital and one of the simplest tips for running a business. A business can succeed only when it is led by a good leader, who leads the team from the front and motivates them to perform their level best. It is your business, and you must know it the best, not only for smooth functioning but also to gain the respect of all the stakeholders.

4. Making Mistakes Is A Part of The Game

Mistakes are bound to happen, and therefore you must not let them demotivate you. On the contrary, if you can take learning from your mistakes, it will help you to perform better. Challenges help us to grow not only as a businessman but as a person; it brings out our hidden abilities.

5. Risk Is Inevitable

tips for running a business

If you want to know how to succeed in business, you will have to move out of your comfort zone and take up new challenges. Entrepreneurship is all about having the ability to take risks. Therefore, you cannot afford to build a successful business without risk involvement.

If you can take calculated risks and venture into unexplored markets, your chances of increasing your revenue will increase.

6. Research, Research, And Research

create a successful business

To create a successful business, you need to be well aware of the market, the customers, the laws of the country in which you are planning your business, and your competitors. The market is very competitive and dynamic, to sustain in it you need to be informed.

If you want to know how to succeed in business, study previous case histories and try to take lessons from them.

7. Offer People What They Want and Not What You Want

You might be having a great innovative idea, but if your market does not have the requirement, where will you sell it? Your customers are a key factor behind your business’s success. If you cannot add value to their life then in spite of being the most innovative goods, it will not be accepted in the market, and it will not generate profits for you.

8. Try to Be Innovative in Cost Minimization

Cash in hand is very important for seamless functioning of a business, and this means that your inflow of cash should be more than your outflow.

To make this happen, you will have to control your expenditures. Try to avoid expenses which are not of any value addition to your business. Try to think of different ways and find out ways to improvise your cash transactions.

9. While Planning Do Not Underestimate Your Expenditures

Numbers and forecasting are some basic necessities of any business.

In the planning phase, we mostly tend to estimate costs rigidly. However, it should be other ways around as many businesses fail due to this rigidity with numbers. Other simple tips for running a business: overestimate your expenditures and underestimate your incomes. This is also considered as a safe business plan.

10. Focus on your marketing plan

A lot depends on how you market your products and services as marketing channels are the medium through which you can make the target group aware of your products/services and the company overall. In the cut-throat competitive world, the crux of survival is awareness and promotion.

Many products are coming up every day, so to reach to the customers, you need to be loud and promote yourself. There are various forms of marketing and the most widely used in today’s world is online marketing. However, marketing strategies are not guided by any product or service specification, and it completely depends on your target audience and the market you want to capture.

11. Try to Increase Your Profits

build a successful business

In business, profit is generated through the 5 simple pillars: reaching out to more and more audience, converting prospective customers to customers, getting a greater number of repetitive customers, and increasing sales through the same customers by encouraging them to increase their purchase quantity. If you can do any of these persistently, you are bound to generate lifetime profits for your business.

And if you can go a step ahead and create a perfect blend of all these along with a reduction in expenses, you are bound to take your business to new heights and build a successful business.

12. Analyze Before Acting

Analyze Before Acting

‘Look before you leap’: while it holds true in our lives, it also holds true in the business. It is important to take risks and mistakes are bound to happen, but deciding without weighing is an absolutely incorrect attitude.

Plan your business strategies, marketing strategies, plan your resources properly during the planning phase. Take the help of more experienced entrepreneurs if required, but wasting money in an unplanned manner and in the wrong direction can be very harmful to your business.

13. Constant Learning

Constant Learning

Learning is a continuous process, and you cannot let stop your learning curve if you want to know how to succeed in business and life. While you dedicatedly invest in sales, marketing, raw materials, operations, you also need to take up learning dedicatedly as an incessant process. If you can do that, nothing will be able to stop you, and you are bound to reach the pinnacle of success.

Firstly, identify the areas in which you want improvise yourself or which you think might be beneficial for your business and then you can either learn from the various online sources or take the help of an expert. There are various management coaching schools, which impart applied business concepts.

14. Focus on Value Addition

Focus on Value Addition

More than giving discounts, it is good to add value to the life of your customers through your products. Discounts and freebies might increase a temporary sale, but it will not be able to create a customer base for you. To ensure that your customers come back to you, you need to make a difference in their lives through your products and services.

While discounts and freebies might seem to be more economical and easy techniques, these little value additions incurring a bit more extra cost will help you to create goodwill and have long-term benefits.

15. Take Guidance

You are not expected to be a born businessman, but if you have the thirst to learn and grow, you will be a successful businessman. Similarly, you are not expected to travel through the entire journey without any support. It is always advisable to take guidance, not necessarily from a businessman but from someone on whom you can rely. This person will help you to look at things from a different perspective; he might help you to think from the customer’s perspective or as a third party he might be able to see things more practically.

Through discussions, you will also be able to get clarity and relook at your own decisions.

16. Be Organized

Being focused and organized are important characteristics of entrepreneurs. In the initial days, it might seem to be time-consuming, but it will ensure that your days run more smoothly and effectively. Though there might be modifications in the basic checklist, you will not have to do the brainstorming on unnecessary things if you plan your path forward.

These simple tips on how to succeed in business have helped people to build a successful business in 2019 and years before that. If you can follow them, you will surely succeed in the years ahead also.


Atul Garg

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